Vaccinations - What Makes One Life More Valuable than Another?

I've seen a growing trend in pro-vaccination propaganda in the last few weeks. I've read over and over how I MUST vaccinate my child to protect the life of a child, whom for whatever reason, has a compromised immune system. If I do NOT, I am horrible person for putting those other children at risk.

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Seven Months and Some Much Needed Perspective

I've been so busy with life that it doesn't seem like seven months have passed since I stepped away from this blog. It has been long enough however to make me realize why I was done and why I suddenly longed to come back.

Once upon a time, long before pitches rolled into my inbox and a Klout score sent fun opportunities my way, my blog was therapy. 

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And Now We Say Goodbye . . .

It has been almost four years since I started this blog and nine years since I started blogging and now it is time to say goodbye.

That's right, I can say with a great sigh of relief, that I have come to a season in a my life where I just don't want to do this anymore. I don't feel bad or as though I am going to miss a part of me like I have in the past. I'm just done.

So to those that have encouraged me along the way, been faithful readers and become new friends, thank you for joining me on my journey! 

Maybe I'll come back to this crazy little blogging world someday.

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Menu Plan Monday - Making Butter

Want to know how to give your arms a FANTASTIC workout? Make butter! I'm not kidding, if you make butter in a mason jar once a week, I could almost guarantee you will have arms of steel. This past Saturday I made about a pound of butter from from my jug of heavy cream that had started to sour just enough that I couldn't make yummy stuff like ice cream or cream of mushroom soup, but it was perfect for a batch of butter.

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