Our Odd Week in Review: Family History, Ice and Upset Tummies

I started down my once a year genealogy binge in which I get lost in the rabbit holes of the mystery that is our Native American Heritage. My grandmother was almost full blooded Cherokee, yet there is NO proof, a major lack in records and no one left in the family to fill in those gaps with the oral history.

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Nurturing Curiosity in a College Driven World

It is just after 8:30 am and public school kids are settling at their desk, starting a new day of education geared toward meeting standard x that they have been told they must know by y date to succeed in life. They may not understand x yet, but they push on through tears and feelings of little self worth, because, again, y said they should know it now.

The love of learning has been sucked away for the sake of and end product, one that isn't the best choice for every child, college.

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Khan Academy and Common Core

While I am a strongly against the Common Core State Standards, I will not abandon Khan Academy because of their correlation and I want to tell you why.

I am a strong believer in delayed mathematics for children. This is just one of the many reasons why I believe the Common Core standards are a bunch of crap. However, this does not negate the fact that the math portion of Khan Academy is an invaluable resource for children that thrive on being able to work independently and in an environment suitable for visual and auditory learners.

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Vaccinations - What Makes One Life More Valuable than Another?

I've seen a growing trend in pro-vaccination propaganda in the last few weeks. I've read over and over how I MUST vaccinate my child to protect the life of a child, whom for whatever reason, has a compromised immune system. If I do NOT, I am horrible person for putting those other children at risk.

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