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What is an "Odd Mom," you may ask?

She is the mom that doesn't quite fit in at the social events. She's the mom that someone has called crazy for homeschooling, breastfeeding, cloth diapering,

<insert any parenting or life choice here that may involve your children that isn't mainstream or cool at the moment.>

She's the mom battling demons you may not know about. She's the mom that is exhausted and not afraid to let you know about it.

She is the mom with a gorgeous Instagram feed of smiling happy children, that is secretly hiding in her closet with a king-sized Snickers.

An Odd Mom is every mom - she is you, your mother, your aunt, your best friend - I am That Odd Mom.


Jessica S. Parmer




Be a Good Human Being that sends more good human beings out into the world

Pretty much, I just want to make it through this life of mine as a wife and special needs mom, without completely losing my shit along the way. This is done with the motivation of not producing tiny humans that eat Tide Pods, while utilizing my daily fuel of sarcasm, humor and coffee. Once upon a time I wanted to be a model ( I kind of was for a while, ) an environmental investigator, a resteranteur, and bad ass mom publisher that would rule the world. I'll settle for the good human being gig though.


My Boobs are magic milk machines!

2005 - 2011

I breastfed for six years straight, with a short three month or so hiatus in between. I did this without having a complete nervous breakdown or scaring my kids, so that has to give me at least

+25 experience points!

I have a teenager on the spectrum and he's not an asshole yet

December 2015 - present

Seriously! You constantly hear about the dreaded teenage years, but 15 year old is a pretty cool dude. Though I'm sure he'd refer to me as old in about twenty different ways for calling him that. I haven't screwed him up, yet. #ParentingWin

+15 experience points

My Preteen Hasn't thrown anything at me yet

March 2016 - present

Teenage boys might be more pleasant than expected, but let me tell you...my preteen daughter is every bit of the hormonal biatch I remember being at her age. ::::calm down...I don't actually call her a biatch...but I know I damn sure was at the age and her mood swings are ones for the record books. On the bright side, she hasn't seemed to pick up my urge to chuck things across the room, at people...whatever...when moody and angry, so we just might make it through these years mostly sane.

+5 experience points

Work for practically nothing, for way to long

January 2010 - Present

My kids have seen me work for practically nothing for way too long...but they've also learned how to commit to something. They have learned that goals take work, that efforts pay off, and they've learned when to walk away from a commitment that isn't the best choice for your life. They've watched me run That Odd Mom as a publication, manage blogger influencer campaigns, market a new app and so much more. They watched me do what I loved, when it showed me love in return and from that they have learned to follow their passions.

+50 experience points
 The "Pretty Cool Dude!" His humor and sarcasm levels are already on point.

The "Pretty Cool Dude!" His humor and sarcasm levels are already on point.

 Warning - Do not attempt to engage without carefully guaging the current mood first. This one is lible to super drop kick your ass!

Warning - Do not attempt to engage without carefully guaging the current mood first. This one is lible to super drop kick your ass!

 My mini me - this one very well cause that nervous breakdown before we are through.

My mini me - this one very well cause that nervous breakdown before we are through.


In case you were wondering - this is what an asshole cat looks like.

He happens to be one of three that reside in our home. Just look at the glare he's giving me after I said the word "bath" because he managed to crusty nasty shit all in his fur!


Fueled By




Food...I LOVE food!
Period Dramas
Mountain Air
Collecting Books
Kicking Everyone's Ass in Monopoly
Figuring out why my asshole cat is staring my down as I type this list out....

Looking for slightly more professional? 

My Kids think I'm a Rock star

I've been an influencer promoting brands in a variety ways since before the word "Influencer" was even a thing. I've worked with some pretty amazing companies, putting me at rock star status with the kids on occasion. While the brands listed below may have made my children think I was one of the cool kids, I'm pretty sure I shot that notion down weekly with random 80's dance parties in the kitchen. You've got to keep at all balanced out and stay humble! That's why these days, I spend my time trying to influence my kids not grow up and be and assholes like our cats! 


Some of the Brands I've partnered with for Content, Social Promos, Twitter Parties & Events

Sock Panda
 UnREAL Halloween Party
 Twitter Party Panelist
 Subway Birthday Party
 WWEmoms Breast Cancer Awareness Event
Sofia the First
Art Therapy Collection


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