Jessica Sanders-Parmer

Jessica Sanders-Parmer

Who is Jess?

I’m a 30 (something) year old Florida native that has now put now roots in Virginia. I’ve been married to the hubs, Adam, for 16 years and we have three unique kiddo’s, Matt, Ema, and Ali.

The last time I worked outside the home was 15+ years ago as the deli manager (aka — server, cook, scheduling, payroll and so much more) of a German delicatessen and bar. I know how to make a mean sandwich and pour the perfect beer.

Both rock solid skills to have once you become a parent!

Other pre-mom jobs include working sales in toys and game stores, as a server for a catering business, and as a promotional model part-time. Have you ever seen real-life mannequins in a storefront? Yeah, that was me! Now I loathe anyone attempting to take a picture of me and will likely give you the finger if you try.

Despite the fact that I am a TOTAL introvert, I’ve spent the last 13 years maintaining several blogs, working on digital PR campaigns, and outreach marketing. I’m also passionate about many causes including No Kid Hungry and New Hope for Kids. While most of my time these days is devoted to my kids' health and education, I’m still passionate about creating modern clean websites, and authentic vulnerable writing.



Fueled By


Be a good human being and send more good human beings out into the world!

Pretty much, I just want to make it through this life of mine as a wife and special needs mom, without completely losing my shit along the way. Hopefully I can my kids will go from tiny humans into amazing adults that don’t eat Tide Pods or justify locking kids in cages.




Random Facts

I’ve Turned into a Healthcare advocate

Since discovering that the pain I’ve felt my whole life wasn’t in my head because my daughter now has that same pain, along with the diagnosis of an inherited genetic disorder, I’ve been a nonstop advocate for her health. It’s true that mom’s will research relentlessly, and I’ve recently honed in those skills, along with the art of speaking out and actively searching for the best care for us both.

I try to eat real food but…I’m a southern girl. Parting with old-fashioned sweet-tea may be the death of me.


I have a teenager on the spectrum and he's not an asshole, yet.

Seriously! You constantly hear about the dreaded teenage years, but my 16-year-old is a pretty cool dude. Though I'm sure he'd refer to me as old in about twenty different ways for calling him that. I haven't screwed him up, yet. #ParentingWin He’s also my go to tech guy, who I’m pretty sure could land an IT job easily if he could over the massive urge that comes from being an introvert on the spectrum to never people. Ewww…people.

I could care less if you took sweets away from me but I might ninja drop kick you if threaten to keep me away from bread and pasta.

Teenager #2 Hasn't thrown anything at me yet

Side Note: How do I have TWO teenagers? I swear I was 25 two days ago!
— - A mom who is in complete denial

Teenage boys might be more pleasant than expected, but let me tell teenage daughter is every bit of the same ball of hormones I remember being at her age. On the bright side, she hasn't seemed to pick up my urge to chuck things across the room, preferably at people, when moody and angry. We just might make it through these years mostly sane. She’s also not an asshole, despite inheriting her mom’s low bullshit tolerance.

I’ve worked for practically nothing, for way to long

My kids have seen me work for practically nothing for way too long...but they've also learned how to commit to something. They have learned that goals take work, that efforts pay off, and they've learned when to walk away from a commitment that isn't the best choice for your life. They've watched me run That Odd Mom as a publication, manage blogger influencer campaigns, market a new app and so much more. They watched me do what I loved, when it showed me love in return and from that they have learned to follow their passions.

I’d rather watch a period drama than a reality show but I’ve been a hardcore Days of Our Lives fan since I was a kid.