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Jessica Sanders

Your Independent Distributor Of Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine has been a staple in our home for since I picked up my first bottle of probiotics in 2013 at a local health food store. That is one of the things I love about NSP products; while you can buy them from an independent distributor like me, they are also sold in local businesses and by healthcare practitioners.

We currently use all of the children’s health line for the kids and a quite a few products for my husband and myself, dependent on the season. Our favorites are L-lysine, Elderberry D3fence, and Bifidophilus Flora Force® Probiotics.

Below you can read more about Nature’s Sunshine from quotes direct from their site, as well as pieces I’ve written on wellness in Life’s Stories.


About Nature’s Sunshine

“Nature’s Sunshine offers premium vitamins and supplements designed to help you reach your health goals. Since introducing capsulated herbal supplements in 1972, Nature’s Sunshine has been the industry standard for dietary supplements for more than 45 years.

Taking a supplement is one of the simplest health approaches you can implement, yet doing so can transform your life. We offer more than 500 different vitamins and supplements, including herbal supplements, essential oils, protein products, and so much more.

Vitamins and supplements can help your body get the nutrition it needs to perform at its best; taking a supplement ensures you get the proper amount of a vitamin or mineral needed for your body to reach peak performance. Whatever your health goals, we have herbal supplements, mineral supplements, and many more nutritional products ready to help you succeed.”

Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

“Nature’s Sunshine’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB) combines a diverse range of world-renowned experts who are recognized as leaders within their respective fields. Members of the MSAB represent medical professionals who maintain active practices, researchers who publish ground-breaking discoveries, and scientists with a history of cutting-edge, innovative product development. Their varied background and experiences offer a unique blend of knowledge that provides valuable insight into current and emerging science and strengthens Nature’s Sunshine’s commitment to be the world’s premier health, wellness and lifestyle company. Their expertise drives discovery and innovation in the development of revolutionary products that help to transform lives throughout the world.”

Members include:

  • Luis N. Pacheco, M.D., family physician from Southern California

  • Sang Geon Kim, Ph.D., professor of Pharmacology at Seoul National University Hanoi

  • Hani C. Soudah, M.D., Ph.D., of the Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis)

  • William J. Keller, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Resource Officer at NSP

  • Ingrum Bankston, M.D., urologist from Tuscaloosa, Alabama