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SMART Board for the Home School Classroom

SMART Board for the Home School Classroom

Have you heard about the SMART Board used in classrooms?

The fantastic technological upgrade to the classic whiteboard that allows teachers to present lessons, presentations and games to their students linked to their computer that is fully interactive. With a Smart Pointer or digital pen, the teacher or student can interact and even write on the board, while completing smartboard lessons.

SMART Boards are a costly tool for the classroom. In fact SMART Technologies does not even list the price on their site, schools must contact a representative and often look for supplemental funding to purchase this fantastic tool for their classrooms.

Are you wondering how you can get your hands on the technology at home?

It is simple if you have a Wii remote, computer and whiteboard you are halfway there already.

For around $40, you can set up your own SMART Board at home using just a few simple supplies following some great instructions if you are just a little bit crafty. So try it and get ready to experience one of the most interactive technological educational experiences you can provide your home-educated child.

One more thing before you begin to dive into the how to’s, I wanted to point out why setting up your own SMART Board at home can be such a valuable tool if you are teaching a child with learning difficulties at home.

Many children, like my son, flourish when they can work with the computer and leave the worksheets and textbooks behind. For him, this holds especially true for writing. If you have, an interactive whiteboard set up in your homeschool classroom, your child can even complete their writing assignments digitally using the technology, still able to practice proper penmanship.

Now, for step-by-step instructions to set up your interactive whiteboard at home using a Wiimote, visit these websites.

You can start with a selection of how-to videos on Bing or try these links:


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