15 Kitchen Basics for the Beginner Cook

If you had to choose your top 15 must have kitchen items what would they be? What would you suggest a new cook get for their kitchen? Here is my gift guide for the 15 kitchen basics every beginner cook should have.

Of course, my taste are not nearly as expensive as what is found in my list, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't LOVE to have all of these items though.

I must however stress the value and importance of having a good corkscrew on hand. It is more valuable the wine because without that corkscrew your going to be cussing the bottle of wine.

There will be no Coq au vin, no decent sauce will greet your table and your shrimp scampi will just be blah.

So for the love of all things tasty and buzz worthy, if your helping a new cook out with first kitchen tools, put the corkscrew at the top of your list!