Giving That Odd Mom a Blog Spring Cleaning

This spring Mother Nature wanted to make sure she thoroughly kicked me in the ass before allowing me to enjoy the upcoming summer. It started with an abscess tooth on Memorial Day, followed by a week full of feverish, puking and coughing kids. Just as the weekend rolled around, as my tooth pain finally subsided and the kids seemed to be getting their energy back, BAM the nasty bug jumped on me like a flea on a dog. I’ve spent the last week feeling like someone has a vice grip on my head and then she let it be known that she really wanted to let me have it by sending Aunt Flo over for her usual week long debilitating visit Friday. Yes my friends, I am spent, done for and just smurfing BLAH!

With that being said, I’ve decided to take this week to do some late spring cleaning on That Odd Mom because less face it, any original thoughts this week are going to be blurred with DayQuil. So while I finish recouping and tidy up behind the scenes here, why don’t check out some of my old post that have been the most popular over the last month.


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See you next week!