Halfway Through Homeschool Week One of 2010-2011

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This is the serene image I had envisioned for our first week back homeschooling. 

Today marks the halfway point of our first week of school for the year and let me tell you, I am ready for it to be over so we can start fresh next week. Why you ask? Well, while the academics of the week have gone well so far, the scheduling and routine of it all, not so much.

Let us start with Tuesday afternoon though; this is where my aggravation began. We do not have a home phone or traditional internet service. Instead, Papa Bear and I both have a cell from sprint and an air-card.

Now, we have considered switching to internet through the phone company, since they FINALLY are offering up high speed to us out here in the middle of nowhere, but it hasn't been in our budget to make the switch yet.

This way was working great until the max usage, 5 G a month, began to be too limiting. Then the issues with the tower began! The first time was about two months ago during a thunderstorm, zap the local sprint tower got it and our phones and air-card immediately flipped from full service to roam with no bars. It lasted for about 12 hours before it was fixed. Now so far for the month of August it has happened three times, Tuesday being the third. Only this time I was without service from about 4pm Tuesday until 4pm Wednesday. Yeah, no work, no blogging, no reviewing of free resources for our home school. It sounds bad, but for those 24 hours, I felt lost.

So there you have the first part of routine completely thrown off tracks. Then my children decided to go to bed considerably early, for them on Tuesday evening, and were up by 7:30 Wednesday morning, at have done so again today. So much for mom’s 1 to 2 hours of quiet/work time before they wake. This also means I need to get going with schoolwork long before our planned 10am time. Otherwise these kiddos may find themselves lost in TV land or their own make believe adventure and then settling down to learn quickly turns into a battle.

The final wrench in our first week of school…dum…dum…dum! Their Maw Maw called up last night asking if she could take the older two to the beach this weekend. That is fine and dandy and we said yes, the kids have been asking to go to the beach. The problem, weekend to Maw Maw is Saturday and Sunday, our weekend is Sunday and Monday. So she wants to pick the kids up on Saturday morning and bring them home Monday afternoon. Not only does that throw Saturday’s schoolwork out the window, it doesn’t leave me enough time to make it up on Monday.

So unfortunately, it seems as though our second week of school is going to be a Tuesday through Sunday workweek as I refuse to fall behind schedule and have to use up make-up days because we managed to completely derail on the first week.

How has your home school been going? Any major blurbs thrown you for a loop yet?

2015 Update

Part of me cringes at these old post. They are poorly thought out and show how I was still set in the school mentality when it came to our homeschool. My gut reaction is to delete all of the horendous post I come across, but I can't. They are a learning experience and remind me just how much I have grown in the past five years. I have learned to respect process and tailor our homeschool to what is best for my kids.