Shhh...Don't Tell the Kids, My Christmas Shopping List is Done

christmas tree

Update...Update...My Shopping is DONE..with some deviations from the list based on the cyber monday/black friday deals I got and a our decision to utilize our Dell credit. Scroll down to see.

Each year I get a little nervous about picking out the best gifts for my kids, and the same goes for this year because while I’ve chosen a few things off of their wish list to give to them, I’ve made a lot of the choices without their input because I know they are items they will truly enjoy once the initial thrill of tearing open the package has subsided.

I’m sharing my shopping list with, but you have to promise not tell the kids! : )

Christmas Eve

We have had a tradition since Builder Boy was tiny that on Christmas Eve we have a meal and exchange our gifts to each other (with whichever side of the family we are with at the moment.) We never give our kids toys on Christmas Eve, but rather useful gifts, a movie and once a game for the Wii. Here is what we are getting them this year.

Builder Boy (turns 9 Dec. 14th)

  • Awesome footed PJ’s from KOHL’s.  Don’t laugh; you know you wish you could find some to fit you too.
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins (the movie)
  • Still undecided between a new throw blanket or book.

Goldilocks (6)

  • Her own awesome footed PJ’s from KOHL’s.
  • Judy Moody (the movie)
  • Throw or book.

Little Red (3)

  • More awesome footed PJ’s from KOHL’s
  • A Disney Princess Movie (haven’t decided for sure which one to get yet)
  • A Book or stuffed animal.

From Santa

We try not to get a lot for the kids from Santa and try to make them really great toys. The two older kids, I know will be disappointed because they really want a LeapPad each, but once you add in the games etc..I just can’t justify the cost out of pocket for this one. So instead, they are getting….

Builder Boy

  • A LEGO item
  • Uno Flash
  • Scrabble Junior
  • I Love Robots Robot – Prime 8
  • ·  The Schleich Castle Stable
  • ·  The Schleich Siege Tent

New: Nintendo 3Ds w/Mario Kart 7 & Pokemon Black


  • A LEGO item
  • A Barbie
  • Quelf Jr. Game
  • Tinker bell Make Your Own Jewelry Set
  • The Schleich Summergreen Elf House

New: Nintendo 3Ds with Super Mario 3D and Dreamworks Super Kartz

Little Red

  • A LEGO Duplo item
  • Toy Story Jessie
  • Uno Moo
  • Princess & the Frog Coloring & Stamp Set
  • Playskool Farm Play Set (Thanks to Playskool from an awesome Twitter Party I’ve had this stashed)
  • The Sing & Glow Rapunzel Doll

The Stockings

First, let me say, that I dread the stockings! Grandma bought them for the kids a few years back and they are MASSIVE. Like big enough for five people HUGE. I don’t have the heart to make them disappear and replace them with smaller versions though because the kids LOVE them. So, alas, I will wait until those evil GIGANTIC stockings wear out.

All the stocking but one have mysteriously been lost in storage (seriously I didn't do it, but I'm jumping for joy!) so we get to buy new SMALLER stocking this year, woo hoo!

In addition to what I have listed below I will stuff some special cocoa mix and a chocolate or two, and personal stuff like a lip balm, fun shower gel etc… into each stocking.

Builder Boy

  • Undecided Wii Game
  • One of those little boy card sets (kind of like the old Pokémon one’s but something new)
  • ·  Schleich Dragon
  • ·  Schleich Knight: Foot-Soldier with Battle Axe
  • ·  Schleich Fleur De Lis Knight with Lance of Horse
  • ·  Schleich Crossbowman
  • ·  Schleich Catapult
  • ·  Schleich Safari Sea Dragon
  • A New Zhu Zhu Pet
  • Zhu Zhu Pet Wizard Outfit
  • Toy Story Zurg Action Figure
  • Toy Story Slinky


  • Undecided Wii Game
  • Tinker bell Make-up
  • A New Zhu Zhu Pet
  • Zhu Zhu Pet Butterfly Outfit
  • Favorite Moments Ariel
  • Fawn figurine from Tinker Bell
  • Iridessa figurine from Tinker Bell
  • Toy Story Slinky
  • ·  Schleich Feya
  • ·  Schleich Landariel with Unicorn foal
  • ·  Schleich Unicorn

Little Red

  • Disney Princess Domino’s
  • Undecided Wii Game
  • Ariel Doll
  • Favorite Moments Cinderella
  • Favorite Moments Snow White
  • Favorite Moments Sleeping Beauty
  • Favorite Moments Jasmine
  • Favorite Moments Rapunzel

Toy Story Lots-O-Huggin Bear Plush

WOW! That looks like a lot, so much of it is small items though and the best part, it comes only spending my $500 budget . Yep, that’s right, only $166 and some change for each kid! How’s that for some budget shopping. How do I do it, check out my post from last week for a little help.

Well, obviously deciding on 2 Nintendo 3Ds took us way over that original $500 threshold, but it's okay! : )

*The underlined items are already purchased, the rest I’m still watching like a hawk for the best deals before I finalize my shopping.