One of Those Home School Days that Just Make You Smile!


It’s usually the really crumby days that leave me compelled to write up a blog post when it comes to homeschooling the kids. Not today though! Today was one of those home school days that just makes you want to smile and reminds you why you do what you do.

We didn’t pour over any math text or phonics lessons today. There were no literature narrations or memory recitations. Instead, it was one of those days when I was reminded that my children have a genuine love of learning and that even if we skip every lesson in the planner for a week, they are still learning. Even when we wake up 6 am like crazy people that actually go somewhere.


You see, Papa Bear decided to take on a new shift at work last week that has him leaving for work at 3 am and returning in 3 in the afternoon so we’ve slowly adjusting the kids to a new daily routine that includes getting our night owl (Goldilocks) in bed before 11 pm and trying to have everyone up by 6 am. We got up this morning to dreary, drizzling but not cold Florida weather that just sort of puts that blah in any day. So, how do you perk up the mood when everyone wants to curl up and go back to bed, well you turn on a movie of course.

Cat smiling at sanctuary

No, we didn’t settle in for the latest installment of Sponge Bob, but rather the motion picture version of The Nutcracker performed by the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company. I fully expected to be blown over by groans and such but instead I sat and watched three children fully enthralled with the production and immediately asking about the correlation to Swan Lake. That was the first “SMILE” moment of the day. I realized how

much my children are beginning to truly love the arts, in all forms, and how much of this they would be missing out on if they were not at home.

Science was covered today courtesy of an impromptu experiment session with dry ice after a Christmas delivery and after 30 minutes of pure joy on their faces, I had my second “SMILE” for the day. Not to be outdone by the third “SMILE” brought on by their complete enthusiasm expressed during the Spanish lesson the older kids had with Papa Bear.


Of course we can’t forgot about the “SMILE” Little Red put on my face as I was playing tanagrams with her and I realized how many shapes she already recognizes, not because she has been “taught” them, but because she is learning naturally in her environment.

In all today, I reminded myself that it isn’t about what we had planned to do that day, how  many books were read or math facts mastered, but instead the realization that when given the tools and the opportunities children are always learning. Moreover, when presented with those tools and opportunities for topics they are passionate about chances are you will find yourself with a big “SMILE.” So, when you think your having a crumby, “Mom’s a bum” day, pause for a moment and look for your “SMILE” moments.

Happy Tuesday everyone!