Home School Encouragement at the Dentist


I just wanted to write a quick note about our latest visit to the pediatric dentist and how you find home school encouragement in the most unlikely of places. You see, we had a second of the three, three-hour long visits to our pediatric dentist to have work done on all the kids’ teeth, which is a whole other post that I may get to one day, on the day after Christmas.

The appointments didn’t begin until 4pm and as I sat bored waiting with two kiddo’s that where getting cranky while Goldilocks was in the back it seemed that the receptionist was equally as bored and came to sit in the waiting room with me and chat. Having read our paperwork, she knew that we home school, and immediately brought up the topic, informing me that she home schools as well.

She went on to tell me how her oldest just graduated with a college scholarship and her 16 year old is working to graduate with an associate’s degree already under his belt. I was impressed, but this wasn’t where the encouragement came from. We chatted some more about local home school groups and the yearly convention and it was after that I began to perk up. You see, during our talk I found out that she only ever visited one convention where she felt overwhelmed by the degree of professionalism from other moms, they were never a part of a home school group or co-op and their core curriculum, up until middle school when she chose to utilize the Florida Virtual School, was miscellaneous books and workbooks with lots of life experience, no standard curriculum.

I immediately realized how much I needed that reminder that though it may seem like we are not doing “enough” that the standard cookie cutter education doesn’t have to be it. Our kids can succeed when we do what works for them. I’m continually beating myself up, as I know many home school moms are, wondering how it will all turn out in the end and every few months it is nice to have one of these reminders.