Budget Home School Planning with OneNote

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As promised, I am going to share with you how Microsoft’s OneNote software can work as the one and only home school planner and portfolio you will need. Available as desktop software, a web app and even on your android phone or iPhone, the planner becomes truly portable without having to tote around a binder full of forms.

There are endless possibilities for setting up your home school planner and I am going to share just a few of them with you here today.

When You’re Really Not Sure How to Plan

If you are just starting out with a home education program for your child or are just simply do not like to plan or organize, the easy way to use OneNote as a home school planner is by setting it up using one of the popular print planners on the market that come in digital format.

Then you set up your OneNote Notebook, first creating it and giving it a name such “Our 2011-2012 School Planner.”

Look through your downloaded version of your planner and find the pages you think you will need. For each page, you will click the “Print” button and then select “Send to OneNote.”

If you are using the web app version of the program, you will have to take a “Screen Clipping” of the page and place it into your notebook.

Once you have the pages you need, use the “Section Group” and “Section” tabs to organize your planner in whatever way suites you the best.

Once the pages are all there you will be able to type over them to add your plans or hand write them in with a stylus.

By placing the planner in OneNote you can add or remove pages as needed without wasting paper and keep all of the information organized using a method that works for you.

You Have a General Idea of How you Want to Plan

When you have a general idea of how you want to plan out you home school year you can set up your OneNote planner for free by picking and choosing free forms from around the web to add to it.

The method for setting up the notebook is the same as if you use a pre-made planner but you can snag up only the forms you need from places such as:

Donna Young's Free Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Curriculum for Life


The Homeschool Mom

Full Customization

Finally, you can set up your OneNote home school planner from scratch creating all of the sections you need tailored to the education method you are using.

I’m providing a sample of planner set up for “budget” home school, in which almost all of the curriculum is set up by the parent using free resources on the web.

I have set the planner up for only one student, though it would be easy to transform it into a multiple student planner.

At the beginning of the notebook you will find a “Daily Schedule,” “Goals and Objectives” and “August at Glance.” I have not added the other months, as this is just a sample of what you can do.

If you click on “August at a Glance”, you will see that I placed a calendar for the month and then set up a page for the first week. On this page I gave a brief overview of the lessons for the week. I did not explain them in detail because the full information is available under the subject sections.

To show you a sample of how you could set up the lesson plans in a subject I have provided one week in the math section.

Click on “Math” and then on “Block 2.” Here you will see that I have divided my lessons into weeks and placed the lesson plans I would use for week 1 under that section. I provided a page to record any assessments as well.

Additionally, you will see that in the “


” section I added a section titled “


.” Here I can place any worksheets and teacher pages that I may need in advance for quick access.

Give it a Try

So, if you have been looking for a new way to organize and plan your child’s home education, go ahead and try it.

After some tinkering, you should find that OneNote is an extremely useful resource for you home school. If you have any questions or need help setting up your own planner, feel free to leave me a comment or Contact Me and I will happy to help you out.