Is a Healthy Dinner for Your Kids a Chore at Your House?

Would your kids dive in or run screaming for McDonalds? 

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I have already shared with you this month how our family tries to make healthy choices at breakfast time when I told you about how you can participate in Share Your Breakfast. Now I don’t know about you, but I find it ten times more difficult to apply those same healthy principles when it comes to dinnertime.

I know I’m not alone though, and many moms at the Ragú® Mom's the Word on Dinner community on Facebook are sharing how they handle dinnertime.

An Easy Veggie Fix

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Did you know there are two full servings of vegetables in Ragú® Old World Style® Traditional Pasta Sauce?

This makes fixing a nutritious meal for a kid pretty easy. I for one use the sauce to serve up spaghetti, baked ziti, lasagna and even to top our homemade pizzas.

Getting our kids to eat their veggies is not always so easy though, especially if you have a fussy eater like me.

The Dinner Time Diva

That is loving name bestowed upon my 8 year old son, Baby Bear from the “What’s Your Child’s Eating Personality” Quiz at the Ragú® Mom's the Word on Dinner community by parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba.

He keeps his food perfectly separated, carefully examines any new foods before even attempting to let them touch his tongue and still won’t touch most foods at all.

My girls on the other hand, Goldilocks (5) and Little Red (2) are a whole other story.

Usually finishing her food before her daddy even and willing to try anything at least once (she can put grown men to shame eating steamed oysters on the half shell) my Goldilocks received the label of “Enthusiastic Eater” from the quiz.

Though her eating personality is slightly different, Little Red was also given the name of “Enthusiastic Eater.” Probably because if you turn your head for a second she will be devouring down her favorite dish of the night off your plate because she has already eaten all of hers.

Odd Eating Habits

Along with the chat about dinner time meals, the community quizzes and other features of the Ragú® Mom's the Word on Dinner community you will find a section labeled “Odd Eating Habit.”

I’ve read a few and just had chuckle as my Baby Bear has some ODD eating habits.

For a child that is so picky and has such a limited choice of foods, he created his own sandwich when he was four and still request 50% of the time for lunch. What is it you ask, peanut butter and black olive.

Ackkk, I know, but the kid loves it.

You Could Be Featured in People Magazine

If you haven’t already, head on over to the Ragú® Mom's the Word on Dinner community on Facebook and share your story on how you make dinner healthy or make sure “Mom’s the Word” and you could be featured in an ad in People magazine!

Disclosure: I was entered to win a Ragú® prize pack in exchange for this most. No monetary exchange has taken place. All opinions in this post are still mine and have not been influenced by the compensation.