We are just a day away from joining in the Garden Challenge at The Homeschool Village. While most of us already have our garden plans laid and carefully selected reading material and lesson plans to correlate the garden into our homeschoolers spring studies, I invite you to take it one-step further.

Check out the awesome section Discovery Education has set up to teach your students about landscapes and expand your outdoor learning to beyond your garden gate.

Meet TurfMutt

TurfMutt is the adorable pup that serves as your guide as an educator and to your student as you explore the landscapes around you.

Discovery Education describes the TurfMutt projects as a way too

"Foster an appreciation of the environment and an interest in the green space in your community with these classroom resources designed for students in grades 3-5. With TurfMutt as your guide, your class will go outside, investigate the benefits of green spaces and understand the importance of the lawns, flowers, bushes and trees that surround us every day."

The Lesson Plans

There a six lesson plans available in the TurfMutt project from Discovery Education providing enough learning content for 15 individual sessions. Perfect for including one session per week of the Garden Challenge with two weeks hosting two sessions.Photo By The U.S. National Archives

How Green is Your Community?

Using Plants to Save Energy

Breath of Fresh Air

Soil Erosion and Runoff

Helpful Habitats

Eat Your Plants

More Tools for Educators

In addition to the Lesson plans, you will also find three downloadable printouts that coincide with the material.

TurfMutt Crytogram

Can You Find It? Word Search

TurfMutt Cross-Word Puzzle

Don't miss out on the Videos available on the TurfMutt Educators page either, they provide great detail for you and your student to carry out the lesson plans.

US Ecosystems for Students

When your student visits the TurfMutt area of Discovery Education, they can explore the diverse climates of the United States with an interactive map.

Students can learn about the climate zones, rainfall, vegetation and lawn and landscapes (including the grass, plants and trees) when they search the map by region or by state.

Need More Resources

If you find you would still like to use a few more resources to help your homeschooler as they garden and explore your local ecosystem and landscapes, check out the TurfMutt "Additional Resources" page where you will find links to sites such as National Wildlife Federation and National Gardening Association.