Our Families Purpose Statement

Getting ready for Project Simplify over at www.simplemom.net, I have created our families purpose statement as we get ready to try to lead a more simple life.

I’ve also snagged up her book “Organized Simplicity” (The blog project is definitely a great marketing ploy on her part, wish I could do it) as I get ready to join in tomorrow, because I am so BAD when it comes to keeping my home (who am I kidding my MIND) organized.

So, here it is!

As a family, our purpose is to carry on the traditions of selfless support for one another, always putting family first.

We will achieve this by remembering that communication is the key to making sure everyone is always on the same page and not feeling left out or behind.

We will care for the Earth and our community as we care for ourselves, remembering that our actions impact so many more than those in our immediate reach.

We will always take the time to embrace each family member’s passions even if those passions seem less than interesting to us as an individual.

Our home will always be one full of love where a visitor can feel at home and know the joy that we have for each other.

Above all our family will be one that is caring, generous, patient and forgiving.