Share Your Breakfast

It is National School Breakfast Week, started by the School Nutrition Association to raise awareness of the School Breakfast Program (SBP) available to all children.

Why is the SBP so important you ask? Because one in four children live in food-insecure households where they may not have the means to eat breakfast each day.

That is why this week I have joined in Share Your Breakfast from Kellogg’s and am asking you to do the same.

What to find out how?

It is easy, just upload a picture of your morning meal HERE as many times as you want.

For each picture uploaded, Kellogg’s is going to provide a school breakfast for hungry child for the 2011-2012 school year.

Their goal is to provide one million meals, so stop by each day and share with the world what you are having for breakfast so that kids do not have to go hungry.

Why Breakfast?

We all know that it has been proven that a healthy balanced breakfast helps give kids the energy and focus they need to get through the school day.

Did you know though that many children living in poverty-stricken families only eat at school? Their families are not able to provide breakfast, dinner or snacks for these children and without a school breakfast, they would only be eating one meal a day.

National Nutrition Month

In addition, this month is National Nutrition Month. I am constantly trying to press upon my kids the importance of eating nutritionally balanced meals as well as reminding them of the children who need these breakfasts when they start waste food.

A great way to help your kids understand the importance of nutrition is to join for free.

This fantastic website is full of games that teach children the value of nutrition, tools and tips for parents, lesson plans for educators and my favorite, a monthly healthy tips calendar.

My children love playing the games and I have seen a drastic improvement in the food choices they make on their own since we began using the website last year.

So What are You Waiting For?

Go share your breakfast, then head over to Nourish Interactive, and educate your kids on the importance of nutrition!