Twitter Trends: A Sad Representation of Society

Broken Heart

As I sit in stare at my Twitter home page this morning, my heartaches for those who lost their homes and loved ones in last night’s storms. My heart aches for all of the people in this nation that go hungry each day. My heart aches for the family with young children living under a tarp behind a grocery store because they have no home. There is one thing that makes my heart ache more than all of that combined though.

I glimpse over at the trending topics in the US right now and see the Royal Wedding promoted as the top trending topic followed by #onlywhitepeople, #whatsthepoint, #pleaseshutupif and Rise and Grind. Where does Alabama, the state that took the grunt of the storms, fall? Spot number seven out of ten, barely holding its own over Aladdin.

Really people! Has our focus on life and humanity really become that skewed and corrupted by greed and the need to have so much STUFF that these topics take precedence in our conversations over the current events that really should have our attention?

I feel like a lost soul desperately trying to find my balance with the natural world around me only to be stuck in a sea of misconceptions unable to move.

I’ve talked about the American Dream in the past. We have strayed so far off the path that our nation’s founders laid for us that all there is left to do is drown in the American Dream. If you haven’t already lost your home, car or both, chances are you have a insurmountable amount of debt that will linger on with  your children to keep them, and why?

When did we get to the point that families no longer shared homes? When did we decide that a bed to rest our heads on was no longer acceptable and that bedrooms the size of homes in the 1940’s were now needed to make us happy?

Alas, I will sit back and continue to shake my head at the masses and ache in my heart for a simpler time when the love of family and appreciation of true freedoms were what mattered. I will work to create a life for family that is not centered on the inflated ideals of today’s American Dream and instill an appreciation of family and life into my children. I will do all this and hope for the day when lending a hand to feed the mouth of another has become more important than the buying the new fashions and latest gadgets.