I know it comes with the time of the year, I begin to think about next year’s curriculum, planning, if my children have met our goal expectations for the year, what will we expect of them next year and then it slaps me in the face each time;

“Am I doing something wrong?”


I surely feel like I am as I watch my children struggle with one subject or another though. It doesn’t help either to get lost in a fantasy of a perfect home education environment based on a particular method.

I’ve realized though that my children are not perfect, it is OKAY if they struggle with a subject and I need to remember that I cannot expect them or me to fit into some perfectly defined education model.

I’ve been at this for four years now, carefully following the lead of my children, nurturing their learning styles and our family’s outlook on life. I NEED to let go of all of the doubts and what if’s and continue to let their education occur at their own pace they way we always have wipe the public standards out of my head.

Water Cycles and Huge Trees

Our home school day began with Baby Bear working capacity in math, the water cycle for science and inflectional endings along with story elements for Language Arts with Time4Learning while Goldilocks completed a few pages in her Homework Helpers workbooks.

(I LOVE these books! They are small, offer bite sized chunks for the kids to work on and offer just a little reinforcement of concepts they are learning.)

Then while Goldilocks worked on the sounds of K and F with both the Lakeshore Learning Letter of the Day Interactive activity and Time4learning as well as number sense for math and the water cycle for science, I sat down with Baby Bear as he read a passage about weather in his science book and a short story about Polar Bears in his reading book.

I then helped him to write a short story, remembering to focus on making sure there was a clear beginning, middle and end using our “My First Picture Dictionary” from Scott Foresman.

(Our copy is from 1987, bought used, but it is a great tool for helping beginning writers choose words as they write as it divides them into categories such as Names of People, Action Words and Names of Things. I would highly suggest adding one to your home library.)

Finally, we moved on to group work which included Calendar Math time with the Interactive Calendar Math program from Lakeshore Learning, the children illustrating what they learned about the water cycle in their journals and me reading more about prehistoric water creatures, chapter three of  “The Swiss Family Robinson” and the story “Flower Garden” by Eve Bunting to them.

While reading Swiss Family Robinson the children drew twelve turtle eggs as described in the story and wrote the word “dozen” in their journals for a reference and then drew the fourteen trees of the fantastic grove in which the family would soon build their new home. They love the story so far and I can’t wait to see what creativity it will spark in them as we continue to read.

A Proud Mama

It was just a short hour ago when we finished our lessons for the day that my kiddo’s made me a proud mama. Instead of darting off to watch TV or play a video game, they quickly ran to further explore the minnows they decided would be their pets yesterday.

They have each set up a mini-aquarium with bubbles and all and are carefully caring for examining the fish in their new quest.

My proudest moment of all though was when in between all of this, Goldilocks, my newly 6 year old who still has NO interest in reading, sat down on her own and carefully thumbed through the picture dictionary and wrote out words to make her own story.

That’s it for TODAY; we will see what new adventures and thoughts come our way tomorrow!