Princesses Not Commercials Please

Princess of Teck (LOC)

In the age of a multitude of channels for movie favorites HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz as well as Netflix and the ever-handy DVR commercials are left in the dust. Is it any wonder my 2 ½ year old began to throw a temper tantrum while watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs today only to be interrupted by a slew of the “BUY ME PLEASE” annoyances.

You see, my kids rarely watch what we call regular TV. Sure, we have days where they watch a show on PBS, Disney etc…or join in for Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, but for the most part, they watch on Netflix or DVR movies. We like it this way, my kids are no longer begging for 500 million of the latest toys and all of that nonsense.

The problem with Snow White was that I recorded it off ABC Family because I seem to have misplaced (whom I kidding, I constantly loose things, mommy brain you know) our DVD. So after waking from her afternoon nap BEYOND grumpy, I asked Little Red if she wanted to watch a princess movie.

Yes, she is ALL about princesses right now, you Disney princess hating uber feminist, and I love it. Her faves as of late have been the Princess and the Frog and Anastasia and mama’s getting burnt out, so I thought I would throw a new princess into the mix.

I hit play and walked away to tidy up stuff from their end of our home school day. About five minutes in, I heard a shriek, “Mommy! Princesses, fix my princess.” I darted over to see that the evil commercials had begun and she wasn’t having any of it.

Now, part of me was jumping for joy inside at the fact that my child wouldn’t be ruled by the commercial society. Then the other part was thinking, “Crap, I have created an ad free monster! Will we ever be able to watch TV with her again without inducing a tantrum?”