google chrome

I can tell you, just by looking at my site stats, that few have made the plunge and tried out Google’s Chrome as their browser. In fact, only 3% of my sites visitors last month were using Chrome, despite the fact that 42% of my traffic is the result of organic Google searches.

So, tell me people, why haven’t you taken the plunge yet? I know you love Google for searching, so why not for your web browsing?

Well, I’m going to give 10 reasons to give Chrome a try thanks to the web store and some must have educational apps.

  1. MeeGenius! Children’s Books – Illustrated digital storybooks that your child can read, listen to audio playback and even highlight words.
  2. Art Project, Powered by Google – explore the beautiful works of art of the world’s museums from the comfort of your home with this app. Your homeschooler can even zoom in to study the detail of a particular painting.
  3. MathBoard Addition – Customizable timed quizzes for addition math practice for elementary students, great for giving your kids a quick 5-minute drill a day. You can also pay for the full version for access to subtraction, multiplication, division, cubes and square roots.
  4. The Elementals – Studying the periodic table has never been so fun. Install this free web app where each element has a unique personality illustrated with simple yet eye catching graphics.
  5. WordStash – Simply an amazing tool for helping your homeschooler with their vocabulary. Set up your free account as a teacher and create vocabulary list around their studies that will generate flashcards and so much more for them.
  6. Ancient History Encyclopedia – If you have a middle school or high school home school student, this app can prove to be an invaluable resource in allowing to quickly locate books, definitions and illustrations relating to ancient history.
  7. Academic Earth – If you older home schooled student is pursuing and planning out a college education, help prepare them and fuel there passions with this free app. Academic Earth gives you free access to lectures from professors at top Universities covering a range of academic topics.
  8. Unofficial Khan Academy Application – Chances are you have heard about the Khan Academy. If you haven’t, it is a vast library of free educational videos supplemented by practice and assessment thoroughly covering almost every aspect of math as well as other subjects including science.
  9. Planetarium – If your homeschooler has a passion for the night sky or if you are looking for simple way to locate the constellations for viewing with them, this app is awesome. Planetarium is an interactive star map that shows over 1,500 stars and the planets. 
  10. 3DTin – Get ready to let the creativity of your budding engineer, architect or even graphic designer blossom when you set them up with the 3DTin app from the Chrome store. Your homeschooler will be able to design, save and even export any models they create.

Now that you have made it through the list, you may be saying to yourself “most of these are just websites, why can’t I just bookmark them in my browser?”

Well, you can, but the beauty of using chrome is that when you start up your Chrome browser all of the great apps you have added on will be right there. This makes it especially easy for younger children to navigate and use only the technology tools that you want them using.