I Want to Be a Mommy Just Like You When I Grow Up!

If the Doll Offends You, By all Means, Shelter Your Children from World Culture & Art as Well!

My six-year-old daughter, Goldilocks, has uttered those exact words to me many times. Each time it warms my heart to know they we are raising her in environment where she knows that “Just” being a mom is okay, because it is a truly amazing job.

I found myself steaming mad last night though, as once again the over sexualized and media crazed state of our society reared its ugly head, threatening the future my daughter has envisioned for herself.

It All Begins With a Doll

The Breastmilk Baby Doll to be exact. You see, after a video of it was shared on Facebook I scrolled down to read a comment calling the doll “disgusting.” Disgusting, really, what is so disgusting about it? It allows children to roll play with their baby dolls and I find it no less offensive than having to listen to the sucking sounds of a baby doll that has had a fake bottle shoved in its mouth.

But you see, when called out how natural and normal breastfeeding is, the commenters quickly counter acted by sharing that little girls should not be “pretending” to breastfeed or “acting” like little mommies. They are children, we should let them be innocent and this kind of play is wrong.

Irrational fears were brought up that little girls who play with these dolls are going to end up pregnant at the age of 13 and it teaching a young child to masturbate because we are teaching them the importance of breastfeeding was even shared, using the comparison of the both being natural.

Public Scrutiny and the Media are Winning

To me it all boils down to the fact that through commercialization and the media, breastfeeding just is not accepted for what it should be, a healthy natural normal process for feeding human babies. Instead, as much as we fight it, American citizens still gravitate to placing anything related to the breast in the “sex” category thus labeling an innocent baby doll as disgusting and causing a loss of innocence.

We live in a time where fantasy is often the more accepted norm and it truly is disheartening.

Let Them Play

For those that take issue with a child simulating breastfeeding with a doll because children shouldn’t pretend to be “mommies” I have this to say

Take away the cowboy hat, the firefighter’s jacket and play kitchen,

Take away the legos and blocks,

Take away the crayons and paper,

Take away the Barbies and the action figures,

Go ahead and take away all of your children’s toys, because everyone opens up the opportunity for your child to enter imaginative play and if even for a brief moment they are mommy, a police officer, an architect, an artist or a fashion designer.

If you are not going to this, by all means, let go of all of your media fueled misconceptions and just let them play!

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