Three Things My Homeschoolers Learned this Independence Day Weekend


Going into this weekend we had NO idea exactly what we were going to do, we only knew that we wanted it to be laid back and relaxed.

Early Preparation in Florida is Not Always Best

Our local area held their monthly Friday night street fest on July 1st, a compilation of live music, food, games and just an old fashioned community gathering. This past Friday the street fest was transformed into a Fourth of July celebration in which a magnificent fireworks display was set to go off over the lake at 9pm.

We arrived with our kids, and one extra, in tow at 7:45pm, hit up the fantastic seafood food vendor and found a nice spot to sit and eat. We got fairly near the lake, but where we could still enjoy the live music and stay in the shade a bit until the sun went down.

Having been done with their food for 20 minutes or so the kids were anxiously awaiting the fireworks when instead of big booms, they were greeted by the commissioner up on stage announcing that they were having technical difficulties and they thought they would be able to start at 9:30.

We eventually decided our cozy spot in the grass wasn’t so great as we began to get a little impatient waiting and decided to work our way towards the lake walk boardwalk to secure a spot instead. It was then that I overheard the other half of the story of why we were still waiting for the fireworks. The barge full of fun had been prepared and placed in the center of the lake early in the day only for the famous Florida afternoon thunderstorms to roll though and soak them.

Evidently they thought they had saved them, but found at 9pm that they wouldn’t light. The barge was pulled in and (they are really lucky they had an extra stash) new fireworks were put on. We finally got to see the beautiful display at 10pm which started as I returned from the bathroom with the girls (6, 7 & 2) who decided my poor, aching (I’ve been running) legs needed to sprint back to the lake walk!

Mom is a Real Crazy Lady When it Comes to Rare and Antique Books

We made a quick visit to the local flea market on Sunday morning in the hopes of finding some piglets, a new baby goat or some other animal to add to mini-farm here. We had no such luck on that front, but I was amazed when I found a stash of old books. I’m going to share the good stuff in another post, but let me just say that the hubby and kids literally had to pry me away from the book booth and continued to look at me like I had two heads as I drooled over my finds for the next 24 hours.

There are Idiots Who Risk the Environment for the Own Entertainment

The final lesson of the Independence Day weekend was learned just this morning as we stepped outside to immediately realize that the forest nearby was once again burning. What forest is this you ask, why the Ocala National Forest, and after dealing with weeks of brush fires for the severe lack of rain it is smoldering once again. Why, not from lighting, it was a beautiful night last night, and the ground is still rather wet from all of the rain. So what culprit does that leave? Some idiot who felt they must shoot off fireworks at their home (my guess is the illegal one, it is a regular occurrence around here) instead of enjoying one of the gazillion shows put on in the surrounding local areas over the weekend.

Now enjoy a home fireworks display as much as the next person, but I also have enough common sense to realize that we have been on a BURN BAN and it might not be a good idea. Alas, it has been done and the air is stinky and heavy to breathe again.

And to think, we almost darted off to Disney for the weakened and the kids would have missed out on all of this!