America the Ignorant: Spoon Fed Media and Detached from Reality

By Lord Jim

Just three days ago, the citizens of the nation banned together and out cried in anger over the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial in Orlando, Florida. From the hub of media flurry to California people were in a flurry to protest the verdict and began signing a petition asking lawmakers to create “Caylee’s Law.”

Now while I have my own opinions on the case itself, I haven’t felt the need to share them with the world because the legal system, as it works in our country today, did its job. The evidence, or lack their off in this case, was presented, the jury listened to the witnesses and then they made their decision on whether or not there was actual proof that this woman had killed her child.

While many were outraged with non-guilty verdict, I must remind them that it is believed that this same justice system allows what is believed to be 10,000 people each to be wrongly convicted according to the Criminal Justice Research Center.

Now, while it SEEMS that Casey Anthony is in the wrong at every point in this case, it is very likely that she did kill Caylee, she very well could not have and if the masses had had their way she just would have been added to that large statistic of innocent Americans rotting away in prison for a crime they did not commit.

So, why is everyone in such an uproar, because from the moment that we learned this little girl was missing, the media tapped into the heartstrings of the readers and viewers and snagged up those ratings quickly.

You didn’t really think they were truly invested in this child did you? In the beginning it was all about the ratings, and guess what, the public was hooked and for three years, they kept just enough slack on the line so that they could reel you in once the trial began.

So, why do I say Americans are ignorant, why are they detached from reality?

I am reminded of the book “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle” by Chris Hedges. It sums up this whole situation well and clearly told in the overview written by Barnes & Noble,

“Pulitzer prize–winner Chris Hedges charts the dramatic and disturbing rise of a post-literate society that craves fantasy, ecstasy and illusion.

Chris Hedges argues that we now live in two societies: One, the minority, functions in a print-based, literate world, which can cope with complexity and can separate illusion from truth. The other, a growing majority, is retreating from a reality-based world into one of false certainty and magic. In this “other society,” serious film and theatre, as well as newspapers and books, are being pushed to the margins.”

Now for those of you gritting your teeth right now, cussing at me through the computer and loudly protesting that you REALLY are invested in this little girl and case, tell me.

  1. There are currently 324 missing and exploited children in the state of Florida alone, some reported missing four decades ago, some just in the past month. Have you invested you emotions and time for any of these children?
  2. Pull up your favorite search engine “children murdered in Fl each year” are you rallying for any of these children?
  3. 3 Million children go hungry each year in the United States, often times skipping meals because there is no food at home, only getting to eat when they attend school. Where are your protest and petitions for these children?
  4. Child trafficking in West and Central Africa is almost as common as the Texas rancher herding his cattle. The International Labour Organization says in 2001, “Nigeria reports that one out of five trafficked children die of illness or mishaps.” and sadly the disgusting event is still just as prominent a decade later, with the CNN Freedom Project continuing to fight for the cause. What are you doing to help these children?

It is sad that little Caylee Anthony lost her life, but it has proven exactly how the media continues to spoon feed society exactly what they want them to hear in the continuing development of an ignorant and disengaged society.

Unless, you can honestly say you have given as much attention to the cause of so many more children in need, or anyone in need for that matter, please do not shout from the rooftops sharing your anger and what you have done or want to do about the situation, it’s not helping anything.

Take the time to really invest yourself in the nation and world. Find ways help these causes that effect so many each day. Educate yourself and make a REAL difference!

If you find yourself offended by my OPINION feel free to comment below. Just know that if your words are not within the acceptable areas of a civilized debate, they will be deleted. Have a Good Day!