Get Out of the Summer Food Rut with Red Hot Summer Trends from Betty Crocker


I’m sure many of you are guilty of falling into the same rut as me about halfway through the summer when it comes to food. You start out ecstatic that you can finally break out the grill and dig into some grilled burgers, ripe tomatoes and fresh corn and then you hit the “Didn’t we just eat that” brick wall.

I broke out of our usual summer fare rut after browsing through the Betty 10: Red Hot Summer Trends, garnering inspiration from their colorful, vibrant and trendy new recipes that will definitely add some more flare to your mid-summer table.

Forget the Meat, Veggies Reign Supreme Here


When you just can’t handle another bite of barbeque or perfectly charred beef switch up your menu with a Monster Veggie burger and Green Garden Fries or a Greek Grilled Cheese Taco.

The veggie burger is a feast for the eyes with layers a chick pea patty flavored with a variety of herbs and spices tucked between avocado, tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper and lettuce.


Serve these tasty looking garden fries, made of “sugar snap peas, broccolini, asparagus and/or zucchini” with the complementary lemon yogurt dip for a complete meatless Monday meal.


I took inspiration personally this week from the grilled cheese taco, which layers a rainbow of veggies and cheese in a soft tortilla when I made summer squash tacos. They were tasty, healthy and definitely, a nice retreat for our usual meal time drab, here as of late.

Beat the Heat with Some Reinvented Treats

Do you get bored serving your kids or your guest the same old cold treats while fantasizing that you are standing in a foot of snow instead of the sidewalk that can cook an egg. Well then, put these Red Hot Summer Trends on your “must try” list.


Forget the heavy cake and melting icing and your next summer birthday, try out these Lemon-Ginger Icebox Cookie Cupcakes instead. With layers of cool whipped cream and sweet sugar cookies, how can you go wrong?


If you really want to add some extra chill, add in these Fruity Fro-Yo Fun Bars, they are frozen yogurt times fun.

Need More?

There are plenty of other hot trends on the Betty 10 waiting for you including adult worthy cool downs in the form of rum infused ice pops and beer snow cones, pickles with a kick and the ultimate in fusion food, smores meet pie!

While you’re picking out your new favorite summer trend recipe to try, check out the DIY crafts from Erica Domesek, who has teamed up with Betty Crocker to help add “sizzle to your summer!”

So, tell me, have you tried out any of the Red Hot Summer Trends from the Betty 10 yet? Which one would you like to try?

This post was written by me for Betty Crocker and MyBlogSpark. I received no compensation for this post, monetary or otherwise, I just really like food! All opinions are mine, the great recipes are courtesy of the Betty 10.