A New Way to Experience SMART Board Learning for Homeschoolers

035/365 - April 23, 2009 (Y2)

Slowly but surely, the advancement of interactive education is becoming more accessible to the home education community. I’ve shared in the past with my readers how Promethean offers us their Active software for free to personal users and how you can even set up your own interactive whiteboard with a little bit of ingenuity for under $40.

Today I want to share with you a few more tricks to get your homeschooler going in the age interactive technology.


A Mock SMART Activity Table Courtesy of Dell


SMART, the current leaders in interactive technology for education have a wonderful tool for the classroom called the SMART Table interactive learning center. Just imagine a fun interactive exhibit from your local museum plopped into the middle of your classroom or living room and that is what you get with this table.

Source: smarttech.com via Paisley on Pinterest

Designed for early education, these tables are truly ideal for all ages as they allow for a multi-touch, multi-user interactive experience with your own teacher created materials or using one of the many resources already available at the SMART Exchange.

I know, I know, you think I’m teasing you, how could you possibly get something that even remotely resembles this in your own home to use as a part of your home school routine.

Say Hello to Dell’s fabulous 21.5" multi-touch screen with IPS technology monitor! Lay it flat on the table, edit your interactive program in the new SMART Notebook Express Web App

and then get it running with the Active software.  Just like that, you have your own interactive center in your home. 

Source: accessories.us.dell.com via Paisley on Pinterest



Made for Teachers

For Savvy Homeschoolers

SMART Table interactive learning center

DellTM  ST2220T multi-touch monitor


$289.99 (on sale) 



Stop by next week, I’m going to share another cheap, yet effective way to include interactive technology in your home education environment. But until then, tell me, do you use any interactive resources in your home school? What are your favorites? Which ones would you like to know more about?