A Lack of Words, Stemming from a Lack of Motivation

I think I’m finally admitting to myself that no longer having a second car has put into depressing downward spiral; either that or this Florida summer heat just has me in a serious slump. Either way, I am not motivated to a thing. The laundry, don’t ask. The school area, scary. A normal school work schedule, what’s that? Blog post, ummm, yeah when I can think of something remotely interesting to say, maybe.


You see, I just feel like blah! I log into this poor little blog each day and hope that this sudden burst of inspiration hits me and I will have something marvelous to write and share with you and then BAM, I hit the brick wall again.

It’s not just the writing though. I have had no get up and go in the home school planning (or what I call planning anyway) and organization department what so ever. Thankfully being on the TOS Crew is keeping me running on that front a bit with all of the wonderful products that are coming my way to review. Gives me something to get excited over, after all.


I’m thinking the only way I am going to get out of this horrendous slump is to detach from the internet for a week or two and find some balance and peace again. Yeah, you heard me right, I’m going to back away from the monitor and give up twitter, facebook and drooling over the 500 million curriculum choices and products I would love to try out.

Not I’m not completely crazy and can’t go cold turkey, so I will be checking on the TOS Crew forum and my email daily, but that’s it, I swear! I’m not going to freak out about my Klout score taking a serious plunge. I’m not going to go into a panic over that awesome twitter party that I will be missing. (Well, maybe, I really want to attend the Currclick party tomorrow night, curriculum addiction you know!)


What I’m going to do once I detach myself from this all-consuming world:


  • Get my flipping house clean! You know, not just wash the laundry, but also actually make sure it makes it way to the dressers and closets once it has dried.
  • Put in my 1 hour a day of exercise/running! Yeah, I have felt like a real lazy ass lately.
  • Actually bake again! I love baking, it’s therapeutic, so why I don’t I get my butt in there and just do it.
  • Get over my “I don’t like to play games with my kids” syndrome and “play” something every day with each of them. Yeah, you laugh, but I really don’t like playing with little action figures and all that stuff, drives me nuts.
  • Make a family calendar and plan to get us out more to do interesting things! It has been so long since we went camping, to the beach, to the zoo. Stuff that we normally frequented has suddenly just flown under the radar. We need fun!


Now, if I can manage to do all this in just a week or two, I may just have a thing or two to get back on here and write about.

Happy blogging!