The Not Back to School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week at the Home School Tweet Part 1

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Oh no, we “started” our school year at the end of June, but because I have been completely indecisive as to what umbrella to use this year, here we are a month later and we have not “officially” started. You see, I’m not worried about getting wet, I’m not crazy enough to head off into these Florida thunderstorms, we use an umbrella private school for registration each year so though we home school, we are really private school at home. All because trying to complete an evaluation for my 8 year old on the autism spectrum this time last year became a circus act.

“Yeah, yeah, what’s your point” your saying. Well, I had completely avoided any thing that resembled planning, writing out our curriculum and have made the last few weeks really lax while I try and figure it out and then bam The Not Back to School Blog Hop from Heart of the Matter Online comes up and whacks me in the head and says “get your crap together, your almost 400th on the linky list.”

Not cool man, not cool. So, I’ve gotten my crap together (kind of) and am ready to share our curriculum with you all.

Before I lay it all out there, let me just say that we are super eclectic and that I’ve never been a fan of a lot of structure or boxed curriculum, for the sake of the kiddo’s and me, it just doesn’t mesh well. Most of what we do relys on books and then I search out any related activities or lesson plans along the way. Okay, on to it!

All Kiddo’s (Little Red likes to distract more than participate, but we must include her too) Age Range 2 to 8


We are covering early American history this year using a variety of books, including “This Country of Ours” on audio book.

You can see our full booklist here “Our Elementary American History Homeschool Reading List” (shhh…don’t tell anyone, I’m a Pinterest addict)

Source: None via Paisley on Pinterest

We started out with the Vikings and since the kids have shown such an interest, I’ve decided to devout a whole unit to seafaring folk and spend a much longer time on them than I had ever intended. (See, this is why I just don’t plan) Thus, I put together another lovely board with most of those materials on it here Viking Studies.

Art and Music

We are slowly working our way through piano lessons at home but in addition to that we sing and dance a LOT. You see, my kids do not have any particular interest in classical music or art so forcing it down their throats would be like trying to sit outside at noon here August for an hour without anything to drink, it isn’t going to happen.

I’m going to be a little sneaky this year though and gently add in early American composers and artist into our history studies. While there won’t be any traditional picture or composer studies going on here with these materials, I’m confident they will walk away with an appreciation for the arts during that time.

I have two of our artist materials “pinned” and ready to go (told  you I was an addict) and you can see them here Early American Artist: John White (colonist and artist) (c. 1540 – c. 1593) and Early American Artist: John Brewster Jr. (May 30 or May 31, 1766–1854).

I’ve also created a decent playlist so far of music using Spotify, Early American Music.

Nature Study

My plan was to focus our studies on the ocean, ocean life and the shoreline, but have you felt how hot it is lately? I have no interest in frequenting the beach right now. Instead the kiddo’s have spent a lot of time watching the busy bee’s gathering pollen in the early morning, watching our garden grow and enjoying the extra bird visitation we have had lately and that is great. I will just continue to let go out on their own until the time comes that they don’t do it on their own and then I will gently suggest topics for them to study while outdoors.

Literature and Language -

Literature will be apart of our history studies for the most part, with a few other good books thrown in throughout the year. We will be starting “How to Train your Dragon” next week and I cannot wait.

Source: via Paisley on Pinterest

Both big kids will also be working their way through Language lessons by James Will Sewell, Language lessons: a first book in English by Wilbur Fisk Gordy, William Edward Mead, Language lessons: for grammar grades by Larkin Dunton, Augustus Hill Kelley, Language lessons, Book 1by Charles De Garmo and Language lessons: an introductory grammar and composition for intermediate William Swinton. All of these titles are availble on Google Books for free!

No, no, no, we won’t be finishing up ALL of these books. I’ve just chosen them all because I like each for different things, therefore I will be picking and choosing lessons from each one for each child as we move along.

Physical Education and Health

Source: via Paisley on Pinterest

The kids are in the process of training for the Disney Kid Races right now, so physical education consist of rotating daily between cardio exercises with the Wii fit and running. They big kids start back at soccer at the end of the month after a two season break and are really excited. This of course is when Mama and Papa Bear and Little Red will get our fitness in. If you have ever attempted soccer practice and games at least three times a week with a little one in tow, you know why. I mean, who needs a gym when end up sweating more than the kids practicing to keep up with your little one?

As far as health, those discussions are experiences are pretty commonplace in our daily life, but I’m going to start out supplementing this year with A Beka’s 1st Grade Health.

If you have made it this far, I applaud you, but I’m not done yet. Yeah, see, now you know why I procrastinated to write it all out and share, huh!

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