Kid Tablets: Are They Worth the Money?

Put a Device in Their Hands that is Meant for Their HandReally, is that even a question? The new kid tablets are chock full of features, designed just for little hands and have a price tag that, as far as this mama can tell, make them an excellent competition for the big boys when parents are in the market.

I for one was overwhelmed with glee when I was thumbing through the latest issue of Parents magazine and ran across a comparison of the new Leap Frog LeapPad and the VTech InnoTab. Not just one tablet designed for kids now available on the market, but two!

Let’s break down the features and compare them to adult tablets and similar devices.

The Kid Tablets

Hitting the market at the same time, the new kid tablets are certainly going to give each other a run for their money. It all depends on the features you are looking for and the price you are willing to pay.

tablet comparison.png

 *All features are listed as found on the manufacturer websites. They may not be entirely accurate, as I have not had the chance to get my hands on these fantastic new tech tools myself.

How do the Kid Tablets Stand up to Adult Devices?

“But we already have an iPad, a Galaxy Tab….my kids already have an iTouch” you say. Why do we need a kid tablet? Well, for starters, both tablets are built kid tough, and while they are still a fragile electronic device, they will withstand an accidental tumble across the floor better than your current prized tablet.

Plus, coming in at under $100 each, these tablets are a lot more budget friendly for families looking to provide each kid with a device while still leaving some cash behind to load up educational apps.

With the features such as Camera/Video, MP3 players, Organizers, Interactive Story books and more you suddenly have an arsenal of education and entertainment for your kid, ages 4 – 9, of fun.

What’s My Pick

Well, I’ve personally always been a Leap Frog fan and we have made our way through many of their products over the years. That is why I was super geeky excited when I got an email from MomSelect inviting to sign up in hopes of being one of the lucky ones selected to host a “Learn, Create & Share” party sponsored by Leap Frog.

Selected host will have the honor of testing out the new LeapPad™ learning tablet along with a Tag™ Reading System along with lots of goodies for hosting the party to share the great new technology with friends. Additionally, host will have the chance to win 10 LeapPad tablets to share with their kid’s friends and 10 to give away to charity. Leap Frog is really sharing the love and I hope it comes my way.