What Happens When a Home School Mom Gets Sick?

Too Sick (46th/52)

Well, I can’t really tell you what happens when ALL home school moms get sick, but I can give you a rundown of my last 8 days and let you know that we are surely NOT perfect. Why I am I sharing? Because I have heard the question time and time again in regards to home education, “what do you do when you are sick?”

Well first, let’s start off with what my kids have done.

  1. Lot’s and Lot’s of educational TV! Yeah, I know, you loathe the colorful tube of amusement, but let me tell you, it is a godsend to have your kids engrossed in some Ancient Aliens and a full line-up of Animal Planet when you feel like complete crap.
  2. Hello Jump Start my Old Friend! Yep, we LOVE Jump Starts online program here and the kids have had their fill for the last 8 days. ( Shhhh…don’t tell them how much they have actually learned, they may run screaming in the other direction.)
  3. Bear Watching! Uh, huh! We have had the pleasure of having day time visits from the local bear’s lately again making for interesting conversation and viewing times but a LOT more inside time for more my poor kids.
  4. Come One Come All, Pick a Chore! Unfortunately lots cranky kids as of the result of a sick mom means lots of fighting and that means lots of pulling chores from the chore jar. The house is still a complete cluster of disaster on my part, but there are some random sparkling windows and walls along with a lot of completed laundry.
  5. UNO! This has been the game of choice this past week as get through the urggghhhh and ahhhhh of it all.

So, what does a home school mom do when she’s sick and not homeschooling?

  1. Facebook! Lots and lots of facebook. When you can’t sleep (can imagine what the kids would do to the house then?) you must occupy your time in some random manner and for me it has been Words with Friends and Bingo.
  2. Lesson Planning! Yes, the insanity of sick boredom finally got to me and I actually planned out very detailed outlines for multiple subjects for my son for the FULL year. If you already read my blog, you know I am NOT a planner and this effort was about as useful as trying guess the lotto numbers, but I did it anyways.
  3. Participated in a fundraiser to help community children in conjunction with the AARP! Yes, I may be insane, but I helped out this past Saturday despite the fact that I wanted to bury myself in the bed.
  4. &    5.  Consist of a lot of blank staring, sleeping and chugging of Thera-Flu and various other meds. Really, you didn’t think I was superwoman did you?

What I have learned through it all is that being a home school mom is great! Even though we were supposed to start school today, here we all still sit with mom miserable knowing that it is okay, because we have over 30 extra days in our schedule this year to cover times just like these.

How do you cope when you are super sick? Do you still attempt to school, or are you a complete lazy bum like me?

*Disclaimer….while being a complete lazy umppphhh while sick will not destroy your child’s home school education it will have a devastating effect on your Klout score and other online influences if it appears to Twitter and the rest of the social media world that you have dropped off the face of the Earth for a few days.