Family Fun Crafts with Nature and Fall Foliage

I’m technology lover, we know this, but in our family from 6PM to 8PM every night it is “Family Time.” Now, there are nights that we will sit and watch a favorite television show or movie together, but we spend most of this time finding things to do together such as nature walks, games and other fun activities. What better way to spend some family time then to make some fun nature and fall foliage crafts together.

I LOVE Disney, we know this, so you must know that I love the Family Fun magazine all of the great ideas that they share. Their selection of Fall crafts are no exception. Here are a few of my favorites that I plan to try out this year.


Nature Walk Sorting Basket  

Now, intended to be a sorting adventure for toddlers, I’m ready to put a new twist on this activity, making it a little more crafty and fun for all my kids. Family Fun suggest you put cups into a basket and head out for a nature walk collecting items (signs of fall) and sorting them into the cups as you go. I’m going to add onto to this and have my kids decorate each cup using items in them and other craft supplies after our walk so that they may display their fall collections for further viewing throughout the season.


Family Sign

What better way to enjoy family time, than by making a fall foliage family sign together. Simply head out into nature and collect your goodies including twigs and sit down together and use the items to write out your family name on a piece of cardboard and decorate to your hearts content. Then hang to welcome visitors throughout the season.


Foliage Friends

Get a basket full of your favorite fall leaves and then sit down and make foliage friends together. I would suggest creating them on some cardstock and then placing them in frames to adorn your walls with nature until winter arrives.


There are many more fall and nature crafts to try out with your family from Family Fun magazine, check them out for yourself.


Do you have a favorite fall craft? Tell me about or share your blog post as I’m always looking for fun new activities to try out with the kids.