Menu Plan Monday: Planning with a Two Day Disney Vacation in the Mix

I must admit, I do not menu plan that often. We keep lots of staples stocked up and veggies and meat in the freezer so I’m usually just a grab and go, pick a recipe on the fly kind of gal. Money is tight right now though thanks to relying on workman’s comp checks and we have a two-night trip out at Disney scheduled for this weekend.

Our original trip was four nights long and included the Disney kid races and home school day, a stay at the Caribbean resort complete with dining package. Since the hubs mangled hand put a wrench in those plans we cut back to a reasonably priced hotel with kitchenette for two nights so the kids can still compete in their race and instead of dining Disney the whole time, the majority of our meals will made in the room.

So, here we go….me actually planning out food for week…enjoy, it may not happen again for some time.


Breakfast – Pancakes & Turkey Bacon

Lunch – Leftover goulash & spaghetti

Dinner – Chicken & Sausage Gumbo


Breakfast – Cereal & Juice

Lunch – Salad & Chicken Nuggets

Dinner – Meat loaf with roasted garlic potatoes & corn


Breakfast – Eggs & Toast

Lunch – Chinese noodles (ramen w/no spice packet instead add in fresh herbs, onion etc…along with shredded carrots & broccoli)

Dinner -  Hot, Teriyaki & Plain chicken wings w/ cucumber salad & French fries


Breakfast – Muffins (Still haven’t decided which type yet)

Lunch – Sandwiches

Dinner – Roast with Carrots & Cheddar broccoli rice

Friday (First night at hotel)

Breakfast – Cereal & Juice

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner - Tuna Casserole made with a seafood bisque for the sauce, served with peas.

Saturday (Second night at hotel & Race Day)

Breakfast – Pancakes & Turkey Bacon

Lunch – Hamburgers & Grilled veggies (eggplant, zucchini)

Dinner – Pizza at Giordano's using

Sunday (Heading home in the afternoon)

Breakfast – Dunkin Donuts for a Treat (Mommy & Daddy want the pumpkin donuts…yummy)

Lunch – Somewhere at Magic Kingdom (still undecided)

Dinner – No Clue?????

I can tell you that as a family of five, this two-night stay could have easily cost us $250 and up just on eating cost alone. Instead, it should cost us no more than $75 tops. It also helps that we bring in our own juices, bottled waters and snacks while at the parks for the kids. Carrying around a small soft cooler is so worth the amount of money you save on drinks and snacks.

So, tell me, how do you save money on dining out while taking even a short vacation?

(Pssttt..I’m not linked up with the official menu plan Monday but you can still check it out over at I’m an Organizing Junkie)