The Not Back to School Blog Hop: A Day in Our Life Part Two

Not Back to School Blog Hop

As promised, though really late, I’m going to share with you more what a typical day in our home school is like today. You find the first day, full of insanity and hand mangling here. Though, I must admit, since Papa Bear is still home from work with his injured hand and we are getting ready for the kid races at Disney Saturday, it still isn’t that typical.

Really though, as homeschoolers, do we ever really have a typical day in the life? I’m not sure our family every does. You can read along for the day though as I share the account of what happens around here.


8:00 AM Papa Bear got up with Little Red and Builder Boy, making them pancakes and bacon for breakfast while I attempted to sleep for another hour in hopes that when I got up it wouldn’t feel like  someone rubbed hot peppers down my poor sore throat like yesterday.

9:00 AM I got up and headed straight for the coffee and have spent the hour doing email, TOS Crew, blogging and other random stuff on the computer I needed to get done. Goldilocks got up around 9:30 and the kids are just all wandering around doing completely random stuff waiting on me to fully wake up and kick the day into gear.

10:00 AM I am posting this up and going to set the kids up with their morning chores while I attempt to get a meal plan wrote out for the week.


12:30 PM Here we are and it is already the afternoon and we accomplished nothing. Why, because I became highly irritated with this "KEEP SEX OFFENDER VILLAGE OUT OF SORRENTO" because it is close to home and the hubby has been wandering around with the kids feeding the birds, goats and who knows what they have been doing. So we are having lunch and then I'm off to tackle the laudnry monster while the kids attack Mt. Toys that they have created in the living room. Maybe by two I'll have something productive to report, like actual school work for the day.

3:00 PM Well, we have cleaned, the kids have sat and practiced spelling on their own in the middle of cleaning and brought up some interesting conversations about cats. So I'm thinking we are going to call this a "thinking" and "life skills" school day and after watching Builder Boy conduct energy when he did not have enough batteries, tomorrow will probably be spent going over some lengthy science lessons that include safety. I honestly think we get more "school" done we we don't "plan" to do as much. How about you? Our days just seem to flow better when we do not have as many expectations as today. I'm still going to try and slip in some literature and math before dinner sneaky can I be I wonder. : )


6:30 PM We sat down together for a delicious pot of sausage & chickne gumbo that Papa Bear cooked all day long. The front half of our home (you know the main living area) no longer looks like we let 50 angry gremlins loose in it. Even the school area is actually clean...I may just pass out in amazement. After our food settles we are sitting down for a game of Wits & Wagers before we enjoy the premier of Terra Nova on Fox tonight together.

So, until the next time that I give you a peek inside one of our days......