App of the Week: Rover, the iPad Browser for Educators & Students

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Screen clipping taken: 1/12/2012 9:34 AMAs I try to start out my regular app of the week post, I must start with Rover. You see, as far as this tech loving mama can tell, there is no other app as valuable to educators right now, because it is the only app designed as browser for educators that allows you to access flash based content.

I LOVE this app and use it on a daily basis to let me kids watch a video assignment through, or to let the little play on PBS kids as great educational activities when another child needs my attention for a lesson.

My 3 year old LOVES it too. You should have seen her eyes light up when she realized that she could play PBS kids on the iPad, you would have thought the iPad was hers at that moment, and not mama's.


So What Exactly is Rover?

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Screen clipping taken: 1/12/2012 9:35 AMRover is an education browser for the iPad that is powered by the iSwifter cloud based flash platform. iSwifter teamed up with Discovery and other educational providers to launch the browser and provide you with a browser that will let you access your favorite learning sites with a filter in place to protect your child from inappropriate content.


Where to Get it:  In the iTunes Store

Price:  Free

Requirements:  iOS 4.3 or later and a Wi-Fi Connection


Your Favorite Education Sites Already at Your Fingertips

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Screen clipping taken: 1/12/2012 9:34 AMWhen you run the Rover app, your main screen is the “Featured Content” which is a variety of options from Discovery Education. You must know though, if you do not have DE subscription, you will not be able to access this content. Homeschool Buyers Coop offers great discounts on these subscriptions throughout the year.

No worries though, at the bottom of the screen, click “more content.” Here you will find prescreened educational websites, many that you probably already know and love, categorized by age groups, elementary, middle and high school. PBS Kids, Starfall and ClickN Kids are just some of the choices in the elementary category. Middle school can choose among sites such as Brain Pop, NASA and while high school students have options like Khan Academy and Adaptive Curriculum.


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