8 Weeks to Real Foods with Vintage Remedies: Week Two Sugars

I’m a day late getting my post up this week as I make my way through the 8 Weeks to Real Foods with Vintage Remedies course, but with good reason. You see my hubby was out of town all week for work and arrived home at 3am yesterday. Needless to say, the kiddo’s and I spent the day cuddling and spending time with the favorite man in our lives.

This week of the course was week two for me and focuses on sugars. If you haven’t heard about 8 Weeks to Real Foods yet, head on over to my getting started post and read all about it. If your already following along I’m ready to share with you how I faired this week and then you can link up your post too.

What was your first reaction to what you would be eliminating for the week?

My first reaction after reading through the week’s materials wasn’t too bad even though I know that I have WAY too much sugar in my diet. I think it is the method of the course of slowly eliminating the sugar that left me feeling at ease.

What was your first reaction to what you would be adding for the week?

Well, I knew I wouldn’t really be adding much of anything this week because I just don’t add a lot of sugars to foods anyways.

What was your plan to make the change for the week?

I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t give up my coffee last week and I surely was not ready to take the sugar out of my coffee this week either. Now, I’m completely open to adding a healthier sweetener to my coffee, but the only available option in my pantry was honey and the thought of honey in my coffee just grosses me out. So, I just decided that if an occasion should arise that I would have to put sugar in something I would see if I could replace it with the honey or just leave it out all together.

Were you successful in replacing your old items with Real Foods this week?

Yes, I actually was! The only instance I had this week where I would normally add sugar was when I made a pot of veggie and black bean chili. I would normally add a small amount of sugar to offset the acid in the tomatoes. This time however, I added a touch of honey instead and it did not affect the flavor of chili so it turned out great.

What were you thoughts at the end on the foods you eliminated and added for the week?

As far as the elimination and substitution for this week went, I felt good about it. Now if you had made me take my sugar out of my coffee it probably would have been a different story. It did make me take notice to the food in my pantry more, something I hadn’t done in a while and I was shocked at some of the foods that have way too much sugar in them. One item in particular that shocked me was our box of Special K Red Berries cereal. I was a happy mama that my six and 3 year old daughters requested this over the typical “kid’ cereals until I began to read the ingredient label this week. The third ingredient was sugar and by the time I got to the fifth or sixth ingredient high fructose corn syrup was also listed. Ackkkk!

Did the Change affect the way you felt physically or emotionally at the end of the week?

Not so much this week as there really was no drastic change. It did however remind to pay closer attention to food labels, something I’ve evidently gotten way too lax on recently.

Tell me, how did week two of the 8 Weeks of Real Food with Vintage Remedies go for you, as planned or not? If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to sign the linky on the “getting started” post so I know your joining along and check out my week one post. Remember, for anyone that links up at least half of the post with me I will hold a random drawing for a $50 gift card.