The Trouble with Teaching the Seasons to Homeschoolers in Florida

All four seasons - Outside my window

As I was sitting on my front porch this morning sipping my coffee I could help but giggle as I sat and watched the trees. You see, while it may technically be winter, here in Florida we live by a whole different set of seasons, as shown by the trees in our yard that just now gracefully losing their leaves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not silly enough to teach my kids anything other than the typical four-season cycle, but they are quickly learning on their own that normal patterns of the Earth really don’t make sense for us here.

Let’s talk about the seasons.



Disney in the WinterFor most people winter brings to mind warm fires, snow, and lots of cuddling to stay warm. If you are a Florida native, you probably have different images that come to mind however. As a typical Florida winter presents days just like today where the sun is shining brightly, the leaves are just now falling from the trees and you will find us bundled up like we are in the arctic because we just do not acclimate well to the current 47 degrees outside since we just enjoying ourselves in shorts and flops two days ago.

No worries though, chances are we will continue the rotation between shorts and seas of puffy jackets and furry boots until we hit the season they like to call spring.


disney family.jpg

Dinsey in the SpringThis is the time of the year when most people are restless from being bundled up in their homes and they began to head out to plant their flowers and vegetables and all that jazz. Here in Florida though, we’ve probably done all our planting by the end of winter because we’ve already been back to the 70 to 80 degree weather for some time and know that soon enough it will be hot enough to fry and egg on the sidewalk again. I like to think of our spring as being about the same as most people’s summer.


FL summer.jpg

Summer, NO DisneyAhhh….baking weather. Well, as long as you know your will be being baked and not do the baking. Tis the season for cherry red tourist and locals who avoid the theme parks like the plague. No offense to any one that comes to visit Florida in summer. I imagine most have the typical ideal of a nice beach/theme park vacation with the family, but those of whom live here full time know that the only place you want to be a 100 degree summer day is basking in your AC or lying in an ice-cold natural spring somewhere.

While I’m thinking about, if you have no problem layering on gobs of sun block, drinking gallons of water and changing your clothes hourly to keep from chaffing because you sweat so much, by all means come experience Florida’s version of summer on vacation. Please, please, please do not make you sweet little new baby endure this though. On the rare occasion that we have trampled through a theme park in the summer I am always dumfounded by the people who are carrying around brand new little babies in scorching heat, their faces bright red and their bodies just look so limp. Is seeing the Mouse really that important that you want to give your four-month-old heat stroke?


FL fall.jpg

Disney in FallMy favorite season, you know the one in Florida where you get to run around in shorts and enjoy yourself. Yeah, yeah, I know, you get to wear shorts year round in Florida, but fall is typically nice lingering somewhere in the 80’s and our favorite time to get out and do stuff.

So do you see the problem with teaching a homeschooler the typical seasons in Florida yet? Sure I can show them nice picture books of what the four seasons are supposed to look like, but it is sort of hard for them to picture it without traveling when what they experience is cool, hot, you feel like you’re going to melt hot and more hot.