Goal Planning Monday: January 23, 2012

I’ve hopped over and read Mama Manuscripts Goal Planning Monday post on more than one occasion, but never wrote a post and linked up until now. Everything has been so hectic around here lately (well at least in my mind and world) and I need the extra push to get stuff done.

On her blog she usually list about five goals for the week, but I’m going to divide mine up into different categories and will definitely have more than five.


  1. Put up the 8 Weeks to Real Food Week 3 & 4 post.
  2. Read, review and write a post for the book “Aesop Revisited: A Collection of Classic Fables Retold for the Modern World.”
  3. Write my last Disney bucket list post.
  4. Write another post on the Cyberlearning Summit.
  5. Pick an App of the week and write a post.

Social Media

  1. Attend 1 Twitter or Facebook party
  2. Follow 30 new people on Twitter (followed 3 so far)
  3. Visit at least 5 blogs and leave comments (1 down)
  4. Make sure Google+ page is up to date
  5. Give out at least 20 +K on Klout (given out 14 so far)


  1. Sort through and purge the kids toys
  2. Finish cataloging the home library on Librarything
  3. Wash, Dry, Fold and actually PUT AWAY two loads of laundry a day (Day 1 Done)
  4. Organize the bathroom cabinets
  5. Keep the living room hot spots cleaned off all week.

Home School

  1. Create iBook of Language Lessons for Builder Boy (TOC, Cover, 6 pages Done)
  2. Add books to my Wish list for next month
  3. Print out copywork and math pages for the week
  4. Watch the Robotics 101 lectures on iTunes U to see if Builder Boy can take anything away from it.


  1. Run 3 miles.
  2. Remember to put lotion on my face every night.(Day 1 Fail)
  3. Take one hour of me time.

Even though this is for the next seven days, writing that much down seems like I’m setting myself up for failure, but I’m just going to remind myself each day that I can do it along with all of the normal everyday happenings of our lives. :  )

Now that you’ve heard me blab on, head over to Mama Manuscripts and link up your goals for the week too!