8 Weeks to Real Foods with Vintage Remedies: Getting Started


I was really excited when I found out that Vintage Remedies was offering up an 8-week course on eating real foods for free via Facebook. We LOVED our Vintage Remedies for Kids book that I reviewed for the TOS Crew and what better way to keep using the curriculum and set a great example for kids in the world of health than to partake in this course and straighten up my own eating habits.

Because I think this free course is an awesome opportunity for anyone, (and I am going to need some serious support to stick with it, I’m admittedly a quitter) I’m asking you to head over to Facebook and sign up for your free 8 Weeks to Real Foods with Vintage Remedies too and we’ll work on the changes together. Every Friday I’ll open a linky, and leave it open until Monday evening, for you to link up your post sharing how that week went for you.

So, to join in here’s what you need to do:

Sign up for the 8 Week Course

Follow me Via Networked Blogs or Subscribe in a Reader so you don’t miss a link up

Put this nice little blurb in your post somewhere “I’m working on 8 Weeks to Real Foods with Vintage Remedies and have linked up at the Home School Tweet.”

You may also want to head over and follow Jessie Hawkins (Founder and Executive director of Vintage Remedies) on Twitter at @vintageremedies and subscribe to the Vintage Remedies Facebook post to keep up to date.

Suggested Blog Post Idea

  1. What was your first reaction to what you would be eliminating for the week?
  2. What was your first reaction to what you would be adding for the week?
  3. What was your plan to make the change for the week?
  4. Were you successful in replacing your old items with Real Foods this week?
  5. What were you thoughts at the end on the foods you eliminated and added for the week?
  6. Did the Change affect the way you felt physically or emotionally at the end of the week?

Let Me Know Your Joining In!

local tomatoes

If you plan to try out the 8 Weeks to Real Foods with Vintage Remedies and are going to link up later this week, go ahead and sign the linky below now to let me know to expect you. : )  As a special treat I’m going to offer up a $50 gift certificate at the end of the 8 weeks in a random drawing to everyone who linked up for at least half of the 8 weeks here at the Home School Tweet.

Happy Eating!