Did You Know Lowes Has a Children’s Play Area?

Lowes Home improvment store.

I didn’t either, but on our last trip, this past Monday, to our local Lowes a mother and her son sure made it look that way. You see, we had just made our way to check out in the garden center when the mom pulls her cart up behind us with a little girl, maybe 18 months, standing in the big part of the cart. Not a minute later I suddenly here her shout, “-Kids Name- I’m going to count to 10 and you better get over here!”

Of course I turn my head to see where the kid is and to my surprise see a young boy, about 3 or 4, and the second level of a plant display (we’re talking about 4 feet off the ground) climbing all over the plants like it is a jungle gym, a good 80 feet across the garden center.

I had a million things going through my mind as she began to count to 10, increasing in loudness each time until I’m sure the customers inside the store could hear her. How on Earth did your child of this age get this far away from you in the store in the first place? Why in the HELL are you counting to 10, go get your kid down!

Moreover, just when I thought I couldn’t get any more appalled, she marches across the garden center after reaching 10 to retrieve the boy leaving the little girl standing in the cart. This is when my husband who was standing closest to her cart began to panic, putting his hand on her cart while I watched the five-minute long circus act that occurred as she attempted to get him down.

Of the five other people waiting in line with us, you could tell three others were just as disturbed as I was not only from the looks on their faces, but also the public comments they made on her discipline techniques obviously not working.

We ended up leaving Lowes that early afternoon contemplating what baffled us more, the fact that the boy was ever able to be in the position to turn the store into his local play area or the fact that the mother left that little toddler alone in the cart, 80 feet away. And I still find myself thinking about it (obviously) because with all of the discipline debates I participated in over the years, the discipline in this case is moot point for me. Instead, it was what seemed to be the mom’s utter disregard for her children’s safety.

The icing on the cake for the day, when we made our way into Publix an hour later who did we find blocking our way to the milk, none other than Lowes Mom. I really could have done without ever seeing her again, twice in one day was not necessary.

*I was going to include a picture of an awesome jungle gym in my post but evidently pictures of Disney are easier to come by. For whatever reason every jungle gym pic on Flickr seems to be fully copyright protected. Boo! : (