Our 2012 Disney World Bucket List: Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

As I make my way into the third week of sharing my 2012 Disney World Bucket List I find myself at Animal Kingdom. A park that I’m ashamed to admit we have spent very little time at in the past year. Not because I don’t want to see or experience the attractions, but because it always seems SO crowded there and my anxiety immediately shoots through the roof. I all have to say for 2012 is look out ankle steppers and path blockers, I determined to experience the park this year.

Animal Kingdom Attractions

Tusker House Restaurant, Disney's Animal Kingdom

DONE Kilimanjaro Safaris® - No we’ve never done it, as a matter of fact, I think we’ve only spent maybe 15 minutes on this side of park total. : X

Festival of the Lion King & Finding Nemo – The Musical – Both are actually right up my alley, but convincing the hubby and kids that they are worth are precious “ride” time is another story.

It's Tough to be a Bug!® - I’m not entirely sure why we have not done this. We love all the 3D shows at the parks, why would this be any different?

DINOSAUR – Again, we are Animal Kingdom lackeys.

Primeval Whirl® - Well, our first visit this ride was closed for updates,  maitnance or what not. They had it fully behind their lovely tall wood fences. The last time we were there we realized that Goldilocks still isn’t big enough and she was still in a TIZZY from not getting to go on Rockin Roller Coaster, so we just avoided it.

The Boneyard® - Ummm….I honeslty did not even know this was there! As much as the kids enjoyed the dino dig at the science center (which I found to be a rather pathetic exhibit) I’m sure they would LOVE this.

DONE Wildlife Express Train – As the list grows, I’m beginning to think we are bad bad passholders. How could we not have experienced 80% of the park?

DONE Affection Section – Well, my kids do this on a regular basis at home, but I suppose we could give it a go just for novelty of it.

DONE Conservation Station® - Yes, we must do this!

Hey, at least we have managed to walk all of the trails in park! : )


Camp Minnie-Mickey Greeting Trails – We have waited here before and got pics with Mickey, but I would love to get back for

  Pocahontas

  Timon

  Baloo

Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade – I think of all the Parades I would probably enjoy this one the  most.

Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade – The jungle and Christmas seem like a really odd pair to me, but I’m willing to put it on my Disney World bucket list anyways.


Tusker House Restaurant, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Despite the small amount of time we have invested in the attractions at Animal Kingdom we’ve actually experienced a lot of the dining but I would still like to try out the Tusker House Restaurantand the Yak & Yeti™ Restaurant.

I would like to end my list with Wild Africa Trek, and experience that I really want to do but I’m afraid my fear of heights would get the better of me and I would spend more time practicing calming techniques than actually enjoying it.

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