Our 2012 Disney World Bucket List: Epcot


I saved Epcot for last in creating my 2012 Disney World Parks bucket  list because there is so much there I want to do still. Now my kids on the other hand may not approve of mommies list as I’m sure they would much rather limit all visits to Mission to Space, Test Track and Living with the Land, but hey, what can I say, Mom has issues. I’ll give you a little hint…..Nom Nom Nom!

Yep, I want to eat and eat some more. In fact, I think I would be perfectly content to slowly work my way from each pavilion throughout the day, savory the food from each region without ever setting foot on any attraction, but alas, there are attractions we have not been on and would only be fair to the kids to make sure they actually get to experience them.


Soarin'– I know exactly why we haven’t experienced this yet, because every time we head to the Land Pavilion it is to ride Living with the Land, because we LOVE to see the food they have growing and to have a tasty lunch. Of course Little Red is not big enough yet either. I’m thinking maybe we should take turns trying it out with the big kids while the other does The Circle of Life with the little one.


Spaceship Earth – Yes, I have done this in the past, but we have yet to take the kids on it, pathetic I know. There is just always a huge line.

Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure – This just may be my ticket to being the total foodie I want to be :::big big grin:::

Disney has retired the Kim Possible adventure and will be replacing it with Agent P's World Showcase Adventuresometime in June 2012. So while we didn't get to cross the first adventure off of my bucket list, I get to add a new one that I'm even more excited for.

EPCOT 8.25.09

The American Adventure  & National Treasures – I’ve been holding out on these until we got into American history in our studies, but of course I changed course about a month into the year and decided to back track, so maybe by next fall we will be there.

Canada Pavilion – There is the O’ Canada film here in 360 degree theater, but I confess, it was one of the things that I LEAST enjoyed as a child, so I’ve avoided it with my kids.

Captain EO starring Michael Jackson – Now that I’ve fully barricade myself…….I just do not care for Michael Jackson. : /

Ellen's Energy Adventure – This is an attraction that I actually REALLY enjoy, but you try pulling your kids away from the allure of Mission Space and Test Track, next door, and tell me how often you make it to this attraction.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros – We live in Florida, authentic Mexican experiences and food are all around us. We even buy our meat from a local Mexican Meat Market, so yeah; this hasn’t really been a priority on our list.

I have to admit that the only reason we have never made it in the Imagination Pavilion to experience ImageWorks and Journey Into Imagination With Figment is that we are always marching past at full speed to get to the Land Pavilion.

Entertainment & Special Events

Character Greetings Around Epcot Theme Park – There is a long list, as we have never made any attempts while in this park.

  • ·         The Princesses in Norway
  • ·         Dopey and Snow White in Germany
  • ·         Belle and the Beast in France
  • ·         Duffy the Disney Bear
  • ·         Alice in Wonderland
  • ·         Marie from The Aristocats
  • ·         Aladdin and Jasmine from Aladdin

All of the Wonderful Pavilion Performances, because once is never enough!

Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival – While we went to the park for dinner one night during the festival this past year, we didn’t actually get to experience the festival itself.

Holidays Around The World – Candlelight Processional – Though our religious choices may not line up with the background of this performance, I’m sad we missed it this year because it just sounds simply beautiful to me.

Sounds Like Summer Concert Series Good music, where there is good food, can I say anything more. The only thing that kept us away this year is the summer crowds and heat.

Behind the Seeds at Epcot – Because I’ve told you how much we LOVE Living with the Land you must know we would LOVE this too.

Dining (Oh How I Love Thee)

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall – not because I’m interested in paying THAT much for a buffet, but because I want to let my little princesses dine with the princesses.

Le Cellier Steakhouse – Mmmmm…..did someone say steak!

Les Chefs de France – I can honestly say that I would be willing to pay to eat here seasonally just to be able to experience the menu changes.

Restaurant Marrakesh – I’ve never experience Moroccan cuisine and would certainly like too.


Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room – It would be awesome to snag up a patio seat here.

Tokyo Dining – We have TONS of the “cook at your table” style Japanese restaurants in the Orlando area, so I would much rather pay this Epcot Japanese restaurant a visit, preferably kids free.

Tutto Italia Ristorante – They had with the words fresh bread and mozzarella, that’s my kind of food.

Boulangerie Patisserie – I think I could possibly make a full day visit just dining on French pastries, have I ever mentioned that I’m addicted to baked goods.

Bistro de Paris – A once in a “This definitely isn’t in my every day budget” romantic meal with the hubby would be nice.

Wow, 900 words later and I am done with my 2012 Disney World Epcot Bucket List. I told you there was a LOT I still wanted to do there.

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