Bonbon Free @nbcdays: Austin & Abigail, Eewww!

I’m ready to out my odd little self to the world, I love Days of Our Lives. That long running daytime soap of the dying breed that has aired on NBC since the time of the dinosaurs. I started watching as a child with grandma and aunt and have been hooked ever since. Careful though, if you ask me if I sit on the couch all day with bonbons and rollers in my hair I will send my purple flying monkeys after you!


Sure, my kids and hubby make fun of me and tell me the acting is HORRIBLE, but I don’t care, I’m attached. That is why I find myself so totally grossed out at one of the current story lines, Abigail’s love interest in Austin.


First let me explain, Austin was a teenager when I began watching as a child, Abigail is SUPPOSED to be a teenager, maybe 20 now (you know you never can tell their age these days as one day they are on the show 8 years old and next week they will be back 16 years old) and she is obsessed with having a relationship with Austin.

Now, I know people have real relationships with huge age gaps, but trying to make this chemistry there on the show just really skeeves me out. She is a baby and he has already been involved in enough scandalous story lines to make her sweet little head spin.


All I can say is I LOVE the DVR and the ability to fast forward through the lines that should have never been written.


Tell me, do weird relationships in tv shows and movies give you the creeps? Would it be enough to make you stop watching a show? I know I'm odd and all, but a year full of creepiness could certainly turn me away.