Rewarding Loyal Readers with the That Odd Mom Rewards Program

It may be the day after Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean I cannot reward my loyal readers a yearlong. That is why I am happy to announce the “That Odd Mom Rewards Program” to you today, where you can earn a gift subscription to Netflix, an iTunes gift card or an Amazon gift card just hanging out and being odd with me.


The That Odd Mom Rewards Program is brought to you courtesy of PunchTab and allows you to earn loyalty points for visiting the site, leaving comments, sharing on Twitter, liking post, becoming a fan and more. Once you tally up enough points, I will reward you with your gift of choice from my personal rewards catalog for being such a great bloggy friend.


To sign up for the Rewards program simply click on the pretty red ribbon at the top of the screen that says “rewards.” Then you will be on your way to earning points. As my reward program grows, I would love to offer my faithful readers’ prizes that they really want, so leave me a comment below and tell me what kind of rewards you like and you will start earning points right away.