Survivor is Back and I Almost Missed It!

Today is one of those days that I LOVE Facebook because if it wasn’t for friend posting about their excitement over the premier of the new season of Survivor tonight and would not have even known it was on. How on earth did I miss this? I mean seriously, have I been that caught up real television that my favorite reality addiction almost passed me by.




The crisis has been averted though and my DVR is set to record the battle of the sexes in Survivor One World.  I cannot wait to see how two men who think they are “Tarzan,” and NFL trophy wife and gay male republican who claims himself to be totally unique fair in this crazy game.

Why do I love Survivor you ask? Honestly I love to see true genuine people appear that show me there is still some hope for humanity (I Adore Rupert,) plus and can’t help but laugh and the idiots who come on and make the most ridiculous strategic moves after claiming they are super fans.


Will you be watching tonight? What is your favorite season, mine is Pearl Islands?