Counting Down the Days until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Hitting theaters December 14, 2012, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the first half of Peter Jackson’s two-part film adaptation of Tolkien's beloved novel. Now I must tell you, there are three good reasons to be as excited as I am for the release of this movie; You are a hardcore Lord of the Rings fan and have been begging for this production for years, You have read The Hobbit more than a dozen times since you were a child and cannot wait to be transported to Hobbiton through the magic of movies or you are an odd home school freak mom like me who sees the vast educational opportunities presented with the making of the movie.


Yeah, I’m a freak I know, but when I heard about the movie I almost jumped out of my skin because not only did it give me a great excuse to break out the children’s novel sooner than I expected, but it gives us the chance for a fully immersed learning experience. Here are just some of the great things we can do over the next year while we count down the days to the first movie.

  1. Read The Hobbit by Tolkien
  2. Focus on Heroism as a character trait.
  3. Complete a mini-unit on family lineage.
  4. Discuss how the characters are divided into good and evil races (more character study)
  5. Tie in the ancient worldview influences of the novel to our medieval history studies
  6. Study the nature and geography of middle earth and compare it to the real world.
  7. Make our own swords and name them.
  8. Dress up like hobbits and create our own Hobbinton
  9. Learn about Historical Runes
  10. Study the poems and songs in the novel
  11. Learn about riddles


My favorite activity of all, Especially for Builder Boy (my 9yr old who loves this sort of stuff), is to follow along with The Hobbit blog and watch the production companies video’s chronicling the making of the movies. These videos are GREAT and offer exciting insight to those who have an interest or passion for the film industry. Check out the one that talks about shooting on location!