My Odd Mom Weekend: A Puppy, Coupon Conquering and Movie Time

Lately it seems as though we have something going on EVERY weekend and I really felt as though I just wanted to be a lazy ass this weekend. I managed to pout my lip enough to the hubs and put off our errands to Sunday and pretty much earned the title of couch potato on Saturday before losing my mind the next day.


Happy Birthday My Dear, As if I Didn’t Have Enough on My Plate Already!

What in the HELLO is wrong with me? The common sense part of me knows that I’m the one that is going to care for this puppy, now named Lucky. I’m the one that will be getting up with it in the middle of the night as if it is a newborn baby. Yet, when I saw the pile of puppies outside of Tractor Supply yesterday with the woman desperate to find them homes because she couldn’t afford to feed them I caved after looking into Goldilocks eyes realizing how badly she wanted one.

This adorable little pup sprawled out on the floor next to me as I type is a boy blue nose pit-bull and so lovable and playful already that it ALMOST makes me forget how silly it was of me to agree to a dog as birthday present.


On a Completely Different End of the Crazy Spectrum

I had the cashier at Winn-Dixie in awe this weekend as she rang up my purchases I saw that I spent $180.00, plus an additional $100 on 2 Shell Gas Cards, and saved $97. To top it off, I earned $1.95 in fuel perks too, woo hoo! Now I know some of those Extreme Couponing women do MUCH better than this, but I look at this way, I’m in Florida, we don’t get to double coupons and I’m not going to buy stuff I don’t need just because I can get a great deal on it.

So, at this point, after a few weeks of some serious fuel perks shopping I am happy to say my pantry is almost fully stocked again and with just about one more trip I should be able to go at least 3 months minimum where I will only need to buy fresh produce, bread etc… each week. Yay!


I have been on a serious mission to manage our grocery bill this month and still eat healthy after reviewing our budget at the end of February, seeing that we spent just shy of $1,000 on groceries for months. Now that is some real crazy.


The Not So Odd Portion of My Weekend

Was spent being lazy and watching movies which included Bridesmaids and Due Date. Yeah, I’m slow, I know. I enjoyed both movies, though Bridesmaids really wasn’t what expected, it actually had a bit too much drama and not enough comedy for me. I think I was expecting more of a female version of The Hangover and that isn’t’ what I got.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I did laugh at a few things, but I was in the mood for a “make me laugh loud enough to wake the kids up movie.” Luckily, The Due Date did a better job of this and I really enjoyed it.


How Could I Forget

Possibly the most odd moment of my weekend was that I did not pay a visit to the local pub at any point and time for the opening weekend of bike week. Probably because the last time around I awoke the next day with a hazy vision of singing karaoke. Yeah, not cool. I have learned that as I age it seems to take less and less alcohol to make a total ass out of yourself and that Twisted Tea taste just like regular iced tea causing you to reach that state of foolishness that much sooner so it is best that I just sit at home when there will be large crowds to embarrass myself in front of.


How was your weekend? Anything out of character for you happen? Were you as busy as bunnies in the spring or did you have laid back time?