Oh Coffee Maker, Why Must You Torment Me?

By dyobmit

It seems as things are going on the fritz lately around here and yesterday morning my trusty Cuisinart coffee maker decided to join the ranks too. I was tired, attempting to start a second pot of coffee after finishing off the half a pot hubby left me when I realized that the machine I usually adore was going to torment me.

You see, I was the “my 3 year old went to bed at 11:30pm, hubby woke me up getting ready for work at 12am and the damn Chihuahua woke me up at 6am barking” kind of tired. I went rummaging through my stash of awesome Boca Java coffee knowing that another pot of Atomic wouldn’t be in my best interest. I located a bag of Pumpkin Paradise (yes I am the freaky one who enjoys pumpkin flavored coffee so much that I hoard up a stash in the fall to at least get me through until spring) and began getting the coffee pot ready.

That is when I realized just how tired I really was as I got myself just before I dumped sugar into the coffee filter instead of coffee and the coffee I was going to use was whole bean and not ground to boot. I shook it off, got the coffee and water in the pot, hit the lovely start button and that is when the coffee maker began to torment me. Instead of the usual sound of grinding, I hear a low humming sound, NOOOOO!

Expensive, But I Like!

After pouting for a few minutes and stomping my foot because I have NO FLIPPING CLUE where our stand alone grinder is and have been too lazy to buy a new one, I gave up and added some more atomic to the maker and finally brewed that second pot coffee. However, let me tell you, drinking a pot and half of 50% more caffeine coffee may not be in your best interest, I found myself jittery by noon and realizing I had sucked down WAY too much.

So, now I need to know….