Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

By f_trudeau

Did you know that tomorrow is “Make up Your Own Holiday Day?” Well, I didn’t either to begin with, but what fun. With Goldilock’s birthday being the next day, why not make up our own holiday and celebrate two days in a row.

So What Will Our Holiday Be?

“You must stay outdoors and be wild, silly and fun day!” Yeah, long and not very catchy, I know, but I think we will have fun with it. I mean, what kid doesn’t want to spend all day outside just being silly and having fun?

Plans for the Day

I’m thinking we will play some silly family renunion style games like two legged races. Fill the kiddy pool with bubble bath and then squirt a little on the slip-n-slide. Build new fairy houses, go on a pirate scavenger hunt and more.

Who knows what the day will actually have in store for us, but I know I plan to have as much fun as possible with our own holiday for the day.

Have you ever made up your own holiday, what did you do to celebrate? Will you be making up your holiday to celebrate tomorrow?