Tooth Pain and 10 Reasons Why I Do Not Like Myself Today

By openDemocracy

I woke up this morning in the same excruciating pain I was in when I almost cried myself to sleep last night. In fact, it was the same pain that repeatedly woke me through the night and has me walking around the house mimicking a zombie this morning. Why on earth am I suffering in such a way you ask? Simply put, I am a dumb ass! Yep, I said it, family friendly or not, I am a dumb ass and now I’m going to tell you 10 reasons why I really do NOT like myself right now.

  1. I avoid the dentist like the plague because not only does the process freak me out, but also they always seem to be arrogant and rude to me, and yes, I have visited many.
  2. Even if I didn’t avoid the dentist, I put my family first and avoid taking care of my own concerns until I feel like a few punches in the jaw would feel better than the pain I’m actually experiencing.
  3. I didn’t take the first signs of pain seriously over a month ago and make a dentist appointment then.
  4. I haven’t called the dentist yet this week despite the fact that I’ve taken enough OTC pain meds to keep a drug store in business.
  5. I’m still suffering through this insane pain this morning and have not called the dentist because now I’m to the point that I am embarrassed by my actions and my pride is trumping the fact that it feels like someone has placed a vice grip on my jaw for their own sheer pleasure.

What Have I Learned

  1. I’m a dumb ass (It bears repeating!)
  2. Biting down on a warm herbal tea bag does WONDERS for the pain.
  3. Garlic, Raw Honey and Vinegar are natural antibiotics and surprisingly seem to be helping today.
  4. I obviously still have a high drug tolerance and the Advil & Tylenol I’ve been popping might as well be candy.
  5. I am one cranky B when I can’t see or think straight from pain that translates into “Don’t even think about asking me to attempt schoolwork or housework or I might Ninja you!” Instead, I will do everything in my power to take my mind off the pain.

With all of that being said, I’m giving it until tomorrow afternoon (I told you I was a dumb ass) and if the pain hasn’t subsided I am going to make an appt. for the dentist next week after heading to a walk-in to snag up real antibiotics and knock you on your kisser pain meds.

On the bright side, I haven’t resorted to the liquor cabinet yet. Only because I think I would be more tempted to drink the pain away rather than just gargle with it. After all, I will readily admit that I’m an odd mom, but I’m not a drunk mom.