Ultimate Blog Party: 2012 Edition #UBP12

It is finally that time of year when bloggers party like crazy together in the mad fun that is the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. I’m excited to join in again this year and am ready to party away until the fun comes to an end on the 20th.


Photo By: By The Sean & Lauren Spectacular

It would be rude to show up to a party and not introduce yourself, so I invite you to head over and find out more about me or read some of my Day to Day post to get a feel for the life of an Odd Mom. I must admit though that if this were an in person party I would probably be the wallflower hanging out in a low lit nook somewhere avoiding introduction and waiting for some friendly faces to chat the night away with.

Breaking out of My Shell

This isn't me, but you get the picture! Photo By: By onourownpath.com

Speaking of in person parties, if this were one, chances are the only way you would get me out of the corner and my shell would be to have plenty of Twisted Tea on hand as well as some karaoke. Please don’t hold my ridiculously embarrassing behavior against me later though and recognize that I probably spent the morning wondering how I got puke in my hair and swearing I will never drink again. Don’t worry though, even though I have my rare idiotic moments where I drink entirely too much and make an ass of myself, I’m not one of “Those Moms.”

Another Reason to Party

Even though it still has me completely freaked out, I’m turning 30 at the end of the month, which gives me one more reason to party. My plans for my actual birthday will be really low key or non-existent since I’m still in the avoidance stage and the hubs has to go to Vegas for a week for work the following week. So I’m bringing the celebration to my blog instead.

To celebrate my birthday and the Ultimate Blog Party I’m giving away my ALL TIME FAVORITE cake, Shari's Berries: Chocolate Mousse Torte Happy Birthday Cake. Chocolate on top of chocolate, this cake leaves my family fighting like ravenous dogs for the last piece of meat. I want to share that cake passion with you too. Just enter below.

And don't forget to go join in the party and link up your blog at 5 Minutes for Mom too!