Why Social Spark Works for this Odd Mom for Blog Monetization

I’ve got a little secret to share with you, I don’t blog for the money, I blog because it is cheap therapy. With that being said, even cheap therapy isn’t free and that is why Social Spark works for me as a way to monetize my blog. I pick the post I want to write that advertisers send my way and write as little or much as I want. In my case, I have averaged about one post a month for a little over a  year now.


What is Social Spark?

Social Spark is an awesome platform that connects bloggers with brands. Advertisers set up their campaigns and send out leads to bloggers to see if they are interested in writing a post. Then advertisers choose from those interested bloggers and send offers their way to write the post and get paid. Sometimes, advertisers skip right over the lead portion of the process and just toss you over an offer and it is up to you if you want to take it or not.

On top of the sponsored post opportunities at Social Spark, approved publishers may also publish ads from the new ad network on their blog for extra income or host deals for their readers.

Why there are some requirements to get your blog approved such as content, aesthetics and the age of your blog, Social Spark is a platform that works for all. The hobby blogger such as myself that has fun writing a sponsored post here or there and getting to work with brands to power bloggers who are working their way to web celeb status.


Why Do I Really Love Social Spark?

Well, because I’ve been in the business of blogging for 8 years now and had the pleasure of watching the baby “Pay Per Post” develop into the now parent company IZEA. Now, six years later, IZEA is a publicly traded company working to team up online publishers, tweeters and more with amazing brands through not only Social Spark, but Sponsored Tweets and WeRewards too. Following along and watching the company blossom and continually innovate as the leader (well in my opinion anyways) of brand to blogger interactions is what allows me to look back at articles such as this one on TechCrunch and laugh as I think about what a dumbass Michael Arrington must feel like now.


So, if you want an easy, laid back way to make a little extra income with your blog without becoming a slave to your blog, go check out Social Spark now and sign-up.


*If you follow my link and sign up I will earn a teen tiny commission once you are an approved publisher and get paid. Additionally, for every new publisher I refer before May 4, 2012, I am working my way towards trying to win the MegaMac Challenge. Of course, these are just two more reasons why Social Spark works for the Odd Mom as a way to monetize my blog!